Minutes Of The 224th Meeting Of The Expert Appraisal Committee For Projects Related To Coastal Regulation Zone Held On 24th September, 2019 At Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Ministry Of Environment, Forest And Climate Change, New Delhi

Minutes Of The 224th Meeting Of The Expert Appraisal Committee For Projects Related To Coastal Regulation Zone Held On 24th September, 2019 At Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Ministry Of Environment, Forest And Climate Change, New Delhi

Tree plantation drive by HCL

Respected Sir / Madam,

  • HCL technology Ltd sector 126 Noida has adopted SORKHA village Noida forest land which is going to be enchroched by Land MAFIA has been taken care by HCL to make the land with full of Tree’s & from the last 2 year’s HCL has Planted approximately 1Lakh Tree’s with the help of it’s employees, NGO, local villagers & Noida Authority providing full support to this Great social & environmental protection program. Govt must recognise Roshni Nadarji for taking such inspiring social environmental protection program to set an example for rest of the organisation & it’s employees, Jai Hind
  • : Anurag Sharma
  • : anuragsocial@gmail.com
  • : 9910702386
  • : C 268, First floor, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi

Green Saviours Association


The failure of the monsoons in 2015 had led to an acute shortage of water in the region of Belagavi in North Karnataka. In order to effect a long term solution to the problem, a group of concerned individuals met on 3rd April 2016 and resolved to undertake tree plantation. The childhood learning of trees playing a contributory role in tapping and creating rain bearing clouds served as the inspiration. The team of 20 individuals assembled at an educational campus and conducted the first plantation drive on 10th April 2016. The “Green Saviours Association” was born.
Over the three and a half years that have followed the Green Saviours have conducted plantation drives across more than 60 sites in the region and accomplished plantation and maintenance of over 22000 trees with a survival rate of nearly 75 percent. Plantation and maintenance activities have been performed for 176 consecutive Sundays. Over the years the team has experimented with several methods of dense plantation including the Miyawaki Method of plantation in an attempt to scale up the efforts. Having established 7 Mini Forests with encouraging success in terms of survival rates, the Green Saviours have also established a Nursery of over 6000 saplings for captive consumption. In 2019 the Green Saviours commenced “Rewilding the Wild”, a project that seeks to restore forest ecosystems in the Western Ghats. With over 50 regular members assisted by volunteers from local educational institutions and social organizations, the Green Saviours are all set to embrace the challenges of this capital intensive endeavour in an attempt to restore the climate in the region to its long lost glory. Financial support from individuals, local businesses, CSR funding support and contributions from social organizations have assisted the journey thus far.
The best time to plant a tree was yesterday and this yesterday was ages ago but “better late than never”. The rapid and incessant destruction of forest ecosystems to make way for infrastructural developments or agricultural has left no corner of the globe untouched. The Green Saviours initiative is a life time dedication to making this a better planet for the future generations.

  • : Sameer Majali
  • : greensaviours2016@gmail.com
  • : 9611313919
  • : Kedar Building 2nd Cross, Vidyanagar, Angol, Belagavi 590006

VanaSRI: Forest Survey and Research Initiative

It’s an online survey decision support tool. No installation needed. Can be used from internet. ( Google earth needed to view .kml files on Google earth).

Bridges digital divide (geo)

Saves time of staff  and improved perception.

Converts  bearing , chainage field books to geocoordinates with one or few field geocoordinates. Superimposes on Google maps.Closing error corrections possible. Magnetic declination can be adjusted if available or can be estimated using available field stations.

Can be superimposed even if a map with a scale or area is available but no field book.

The generated maps are stored with given names in server and can be viewed from any where. Highly useful in generating virtual boundary.

Successfully used as decision support in Nizamabad District in Bhubharati, under NLRMP.  Being used by hundreds who knows its availability. First of it’s kind in India. Helps save forests by modernising the records. Saves time n improved perception to staff, there by multiplying productivity in this area.

Indegenous and easy to incorporate new tools.

NFC and Hon’ble Supreme court directions to georeference/ modernise forest land records and it is instrumental to a maximum extent in achieving that goal. Virtual boundary creation is possible with it.  Boundary encroached upon can be projected.

A useful tool waiting  to reach all concerned with choicest tools(SaaS model) First in India.

User manuals and user guide videos available in tool.

For details and demos, please see links below.





Compostable straws

Dear we have made straws from PLA

  1. ( poly lactic acid ) material from last 2 years we are working on it , the product is Bio – compostable and does not contain any toxic content and it gets degrade in landfills
  • : Darshan Oswal
  • : oswaldarshan85@me.com
  • : 9860835383
  • : Flat no 504 Vighnahara bldg sujay garden Mukundnagar pune 411037

Revolutionizing Conventional Dam based Hydro Power Sector through Indigenous Zero Head Hydrokinetic Turbine Technology

  1. Start-up Introduction:

As a Private Limited Company, MACLEC started its Startup Journey on 24th December 2014 with a vision to contribute India’s Renewable Energy Sector by introducing innovative Indigenous Technologies. In this regard, MACLEC identified the tremendous potential of Hydro power in running water bodies of India and devoted itself to develop indigenous hydro turbine to harness hydro power from running water without making any permanent civil structure or obstruction or diversion in flowing water body.

After many years of continuous testing and trials under the guidance of Hydro and Renewable Energy Department, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, MACLEC conducted 58 Field trials in irrigation canals and river sites available throughout India and Nepal and come up with first of its kind Surface Water Velocity Driven Hydrokinetic Turbine Technology. As per the Technology Development timeline, Development work of SHK Turbines initiated in 2013 and final test of scale up module have been completed in December 2018. Now first pilot installation of 100 kW is underway and technology is ready to get installed anywhere.

  1. The Main Objectives are –

Develop Indigenous Hydrokinetic Turbine Module which can be installed in any kind of running water body without any major civil structure, in floating condition to harness hydro power from surface flow without any environment impact.

To introduce an indigenous hydrokinetic turbine module which can be installed in Minimum CAPEX and OPEX in the form of Kilo Watt Level Decentralized hydro Power Plant as well as Centralized Mega Watt Level  Large Scale Hydro Power Plant.

To enable all those farmers, villagers, MSMEs, etc. who are situated nearby any running water body (Irrigation canal, River, Hilly Stream or even Large Waste Water Drains of Mega Cities) to generate hydro power from running waters at affordable cost.

Below is the link of our Turbine Technology for your consideration,
  1. How Hydrokinetic could save Environment & Ecology?

India is full of Hydrokinetic Potential, there are more than 250 thousand kilometers long perennial irrigation canals and river network available which can be utilized to harness Several Giga Watt Hydro Power through surface water velocity which is also without any environmental impact.

Founders of MACLEC are son of  a small farmer, born and brought-up in a small village and have observed the hardship and struggle villagers and farmers usually face in absence of permanent source of electricity at affordable cost. Keeping their hardship in mind, the founders of MACLEC identified the field of hydrokinetics and invented first of its kind hydrokinetic Turbine Module.

Building large hydro dams, Reservoirs is very costlier as the large hydropower projects witnessing displacement of thousands of people from their ancestral place, destroying livelihoods, violating human rights in the name of development leaving them with no alternatives.  Presently millions of displaced people from Hydro-Projects still waiting for justice. Apart from anthropogenic loss, Hydro-Dams permanently destroyed the local environment and contributed in global warming by engulfing major chunk of forest.

Solar-Wind-Geothermal-Biomass, etc based Renewable Energy sources are not appropriate to fulfill 24*7 electric need but Hydro power can. The only limitation is Huge cost and associated environmental impact

  1. Utilization of Proposed Technology:
  2. As Micro Grid, Off-Grid, Decentralized Hydro Power Unit (1 kW to 100 kW) to make any village or community energy independent,
  3. As Grid Connected Centralized Hydro Power Plant (100 kW to Several Megawatt) to become alternative of Large Hydro Dams and generate new employment avenues,

iii. Independent Agriculture unit to lift water from canals and rivers by utilizing just velocity of water and replace costly and environment polluting  diesel pumps, electric pumps.


SHK Turbines is first of its kind indigenous hydro turbine module which harness kinetic hydro power from surface velocity of running waters. There is significant potential of hydro power in flowing streams/canals and rivers in India. Conventional-hydro turbines are not suitable to tap this flowing water potential to generate electricity. The proposed hydrokinetic turbine can harness energy from flowing water with adequate depth, width and adequate water velocity required (>0.5 m/s) available at these sites. The installation of the system requires minimum civil structure for anchoring only and doesn’t need big civil structure or diversion of water body from its natural source.

The NOVELTY of proposed system is of tapping the surface velocity of the flowing stream and turbine is not submerged in water completely which has been attempted first time. Therefore, it can also be installed on shallow streams. The turbine, generator and other equipment are fitted on a floater and anchored at the banks of the stream through steel ropes. The floater can be adjusted according the water level in the stream without changing its installation. This attempt is the first of its kind in India.

Proposed Hydrokinetic Turbine Technology is suitable to address all issues related to distributed generation of Micro and Pico Hydro Power Plants which will help in enhancing the existing hydro power generation capacity without compromising the environmental, ecological and social issues. Hydro is the most promising renewable energy sector and proposed SHK Turbine technology can help this sector to regain its glory for being eco-friendly.

  1. USP-  
  2. Affordability: CAPEX of proposed innovation is around US$1200/kW (Existing Hydrokinetic Turbine’s CAPEX lies in the range of US$2000-4500/kW), OPEX of the system is around US$30/kW/year.
  3. Availability: Technology is indigenous and developed locally which make it easy to fabricate, install anywhere in running waters without any specialized technical knowhow & extraordinary machineries.

iii. Accessibility: The proposed innovation is developed by innovator with rural background that is why they have made it easy to accessible for all financially weak sections of the society.

  1. Cost Effectiveness: Proposed innovation is many time cheaper than existing hydrokinetic turbines not only in terms of CAPEX but also in terms of OPEX, Installation, LCOE, etc
  2. Impact of the Technology on the Startup India ecosystem


India have more than 1.7 Lakh Kilometer long network of perennial rivers and canals, more than 50 major cities are situated near these canals and rivers. Canal and river based irrigation is the most important, most cost effective and preferred form of irrigation in India that is why about half of 165.97 lakh hectare land was irrigated by canals during 2008-09. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha, Chhattisgarh are some of the major states of India having rivers and canals as their main source of irrigation and allied sector. Commercialization and promotion of SHK Turbines could generate millions of new employment and livelihood options in rural as well as urban regions.

As per data, half of the Indian Population is living nearby running water sources such as canals, rivers, hilly streams but due to unavailability of techno-economically feasible technology, they are unable to harness hydrokinetic kinetic energy available in these flowing streams. Proposed innovative turbine technology can change the scenario by enabling those living nearby canals/rivers to harness hydrokinetic energy, round the clock in affordable cost without any environmental impact.

In long run, Our Technology shall bring revolution in hydro power sector by reducing the need of constructing more dams/reservoirs/barrages to add hydro power capacity and enhancing the current share of hydro power generation manifolds.

Under the new regulations and policies imposed by various environment agencies our technology suits the best and we are assured that in long run our technology shall bring development in millions of families by providing them cost effective, socially acceptable , environmentally sustainable and reliable source of electricity. Proposed Technology shell also reduce climate impact by generating carbon sync.

As far as size of Indian Market alone is concerned, then we have personally identified 70 sites with 24757.3 Megawatt Scope in Grid based mega Hydrokinetic Turbine Power Plant Establishment. Moreover proposed technology have huge potential worldwide as well specially in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America.

  1. What motivates the founders?


We are first generation entrepreneur, our father is farmer , we were born and brought up in village at Ratlam Madhya Pradesh. We have seen farmers like our father to struggle for electricity so that they can irrigate their crops. We have spent our childhood where we study in street lights.

Develop a solution which can provide 24*7 low cost, sustainable, renewable energy was our dream and since last many years we were working to innovate something dedicated to marginal communities of India in general and whole world in particular.

It was our dream to develop simple, affordable, indigenous sustainable solution to solve the problem of those who are at the bottom of the pyramid and we are happy that our innovation SHK Turbine is one its kind.

In long run, Our Technology shall bring revolution in hydro power sector by reducing the need of constructing more dams/reservoirs/barrages to add hydro power capacity and enhancing the current share of hydro power generation manifolds.

Under the new regulations and policies imposed by various environment agencies our technology suits the best and we are assured that in long run our technology shall bring development in millions of families by providing them cost effective, socially acceptable , environmentally sustainable and reliable source of electricity. Proposed Technology shell also reduce climate impact by generating carbon sync.

  • : contact@maclec.com
  • : 8285948337
  • : C-21 Kiran Garden Matiyala Main Road Nawada


मेरा  खेतों में घर है मैंने अपने खेत में जहाँ जगह मिली मैंने वहा पर 12 साल पहले पौधे लगाए। अब वो पेड़ बन गए हैं।इससे मेरे खेत मे पेड़ों की पत्तियों से खाद लगती हैं और मेरे घर व खेत का इकोसिस्टम बदल गया क्योंकि 20 साल पहले जो पेड़ थे वो सैम की समस्या से ख़त्म हो चुके थे।अब मेरे खेत और मेरे घर के चारो ओर पेड़ है।यहाँ पर हर तरह के पक्षी भी अपना घोंसला बनाता हैं।जो चिड़िया पहले विलुप्त की कगार पर थी आज वो मेरे घर मे रोजाना दान चुगने आती हैं।मेरे पौधे लगने से मेरे पड़ोसी भी सीख ले रहे हैं।अब वो भी पौधे लगते है।मेने पौधे नर्सरी से थोड़े ही लाये मेने अपने घर मे ही बीजो से पौध तैयार की है।

मैं पेशे से एक अध्यपक हु।मेने अपने स्कूल में हर बच्चे से एक पौधा लगवाया है और उसकी जिओ टैग भी किया है।हरियाणा में पौधगिरी स्कीम में किया है।स्कूल का नाम Govt High School Dhudianwali, Sirsa में हैं।

  • इसी के साथ वर्ल्ड एनवायरनमेंट डे पर UN Environment की तरफ से मुझे वर्ल्ड एनवायरनमेंट डे हीरो का खिताब भी मिला है।
  • : rakeshdhundhara714@gmail.com
  • : 9467911130
  • : Dhani Bachan Singh,Ellenabad,Sirsa ,Haryana

Plastic free weekly vegetable market

TREE-Taking Responsibility for Earth & Environment is a group of like-minded people who are working for the betterment of the environment as a whole. We work in the fields of Plastic eradication, integrated waste management, composting, zero-waste lifestyle, etc.

We have organized various plastic free events like bhandaras, blood donation camps, workshops, awareness drives, tree plantation drives, etc. We have also stopped the usage of Plastic bags to 95% in the weekly vegetable market of sector 55/56 since last 3 years.We have also confiscated more than 1000kgs of single use plastics.

This is NCR’s, (in fact INDIA’s) FIRST PLASTIC FREE WEEKLY VEGETABLE market since last 3 years with more than 800 vendors.

Please watch this video for a better understanding.