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Meetings & Workshops

  • Climate Technology Ministerial emphasises need for Technology agreement in Cancun, New Delhi, 10th November, 2010,  Read Chairs SummaryPDF ( 34.96 KB)
  • India and China Sign Agreement on Climate Change Cooperation, New Delhi, 21st October, 2009,  Agreement PDF ( 111.12 KB)| Workshop Presentations
  • Indian Minister’s Statement at Cancun. Read Minister’s StatementPDF ( 16.04 KB)
  • IINCCA – Climate Change and India: A 4X4 Assesment – A sectoral and regional analysis for 2030s. Read Proceedings
  • Meeting of Experts from BASIC countries on Equity and Trade in Climate Change Summary of MeetingPDF ( 1.5 KB)
  • National Consultation on State Action Plans on Climate Change. Summary of Discussion PDF ( 37.4 KB) | Complete Proceedings of Workshop
  • Report on India’s GHG Emissions 2007 Released Read ReportPDF (4.55 MB)
    | Executive Summary PDF ( 2.33 MB) | Workshop PresentationsPDF ( 111.12 KB)
  • India’s GHG Emissions Profile – Results of Climate Modelling Studies. [Report PDF ( 3.42 MB) | Presentation
  • Delhi Statement on Global Cooperation on Climate Technology adopted. [Delhi Statement PDF ( 77.8KB) , [Chair’s Summary  & [Proceedings of the Conference ]
  • Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment –India launches a comprehensive network for Climate Change Assessment.
  • Japan Carbon Finance Limited (JCF) – The Government of Japan have established a Japan Carbon Finance Limited (JCF) to select projects potentially eligible for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) to obtain emission reductions of good quality for its investors. Further details of JCF are at website