India State-Level Basic Environmental Information Database (ISBEID)

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India State-Level Basic Environmental Information Database

In order to develop databases on environment and its related parameters and to make it online for to-and-fro information flow, a web-enabled application, namely, India State-Level Basic Environmental Information Database (ISBEID), at url: , is being developed by the Division in collaboration with NIC. ISBEID is especially intended to help the ENVIS Centres hosted by States/ UTs to collect, compile and disseminate information on a centralised server and to fill their gaps in environmental data dissemination. The developments of the system are based on a pilot project conducted in two States (Odisha and Madhya Pradesh) with 6 modules of the proposed 23 modules, which was extended to 7 more States with 6 additional modules. Based on its results, it was decided to review the 23 modules down to 17 in consultation with the ENVIS Centres and to extend ISBEID to all States/UTs.

The two components of ISBEID application, namely, Management Information System (MIS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) have been developed by NIC in collaboration with ENVIS Focal Point.

The MIS component is primarily intended to (a) provide one-stop information source to users, (b) query data from its repositories with advance search and filters, (c) prepare charts and graphs to visualise data, and (d) provide statistical tables in PDF and XLS formats to the users for their custom use.

The GIS module is intended to (a) provide internet-based GIS application, interactive maps capable of handling operations like zoom in/out, pan, print, measure etc., and (b) enable querying ISBEID interactively on dynamic maps with layers such as rivers, railway lines, roads, location of National Parks, Reserves etc. A User Workshop on ISBEID and ENVIS Network websites was organised on 18-19 February 2013 at New Delhi. The Workshop deliberated on inter-linking and unifying various environmental databases of the ENVIS network.

A new user-interface for the ISBEID application has also been taken up keeping in view modern technologies, which will enable dynamic access to maps on the homepage and interactive querying and generation of customised summary reports using its databases. It was found that 23 State ENVIS Centres have now advanced to the stage of entering data into the 17 modules, which is close to completion.