Items of Work Handled

Hazardous Substances Management Division (HSMD)

  1. Lays down procedures and safeguards for accident prevention, preparedness and mitigation and amagement of solid waste hazardous waste, e-waste, municipal solid waste, plastic waste, bio-medical waste and fly ash utilisation.
  2. Prepare and notify rules on chemical accident prevention, fly ash utilisation and the waste management  and ensure their enforcement through State agencies which are responsible for implementation of these rules.
  3. Help, create and sustain infrastructure in the States for implementation of  the rules gazetted under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 on hazardous substances.
  4. Prepare and issue updated version of the Red Book – The Central Crisis Group Alert System (CCG).
  5. Render help in establishing Emergency Response Centres (ERC) in the States.
  6. Prepare and undertake study to assess hazard potential of industrial pockets – a five year scheme on industrial pocket wise analysis is underway.
  7. Provide financial asitance for training of various categories of personnel in the area of accident prevention, chemical database and rules on waste management and fly ash.
  8. Provide financial asitance for setting-up of, treatment, storage and disposal facility for Hazardous Waste, common bio-medical waste treatment and dispsoal facility, integrated facility for e-waste recycling, on public private partnership mode and subject to matching contribution from the States.

Minutes of Meeting