Items of Work Handled

A. Organisation & Method (O&M Unit)/IWS Unit O&M Work

  • Updation of Induction Material.
  • Preparation of Organisational Charts of the Ministry
  • Advice on disputed receipts received from various sections/ divisions.
  • Annual programme of 0 & M inspection of various sections/ divisions
    and other offices under the Ministry.
  • Scrutinisation of the Inspection Reports and follow up action thereon.
  • Collection of various 0 & M returns relating to Record Management,
    Checks on delays etc. as prescribed in the Manual of Office Procedure.
  • Preparation of the compendium on the ‘Channel of Submission and
    Level of Final Disposal of Cases’.
  • Preparation and review of record retention schedules concerning
    substantive function of the Ministry in consultation with the National
    Archives of India (NAI) .
  • Coordination with Deptt. of Administrative Reforms & Public
    Grievances (DARPG) in connection with matters relating to 0 86 M
  • Responsibilities relating to Departmental Record Room of this

B. Method Study

  • Work Study for assessing manpower requirement including Method

e-Questionnaire / Proformae

  • Proforma for O&M Inspection of Subordinate offices/Autonomous
    Organisations under the Ministry.
  • Proforma for 086M Inspection of Units/Sections/Divisions etc.
    Uploaded documents
  • Fourteenth Edition of Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure
    (CSMOP) – (website:
  • Central Secretariat Mannual of e-Office Procedure.
    File No.IWSU-1/2/2018-!WSU
  • Records Retention Schedule for records pertaining to substantive
    functions of MoEF&CC.
  • Record Retention Schedule in respect of Records – Common to all
    Ministries / Departments.
  • Compendium on Channel of Submission and Level of Final Disposal of
  • Draft Channel of Submission and Level of Final Disposal of Cases –
  • Induction material of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate