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MoEF&CC is the nodal agency in the administrative structure of the Central Government for planning, promotion, coordination and overseeing the implementation of environmental and forestry programs and policies.

  1. Ministry’s main activities include conservation and survey of flora, fauna, forests and wildlife, prevention and control of pollution, afforestation and degeneration of degraded areas, protection of the environment, ensuring welfare of animals and research related to these activities.
  2. The main tool utilized to attain these goals and objective, inter alia, include survey, impact assessment, control of pollution, regeneration programs, support to organizations, research to solve the problems relating to environment and provide training to augment the requisite manpower, collection and dissemination of environmental information and creation of environmental awareness among all sections of the society in the country.
  3. MoEF&CC has undertaken several initiatives towards environment, forest and climate change of which the public is not aware of. Secondly, the mandate of MoEF&CC includes increasing awareness of the masses on the impact and changes in environment. This involves collection and dissemination of environmental information and creation of awareness at the national level. The Environment Education, Awareness and Training is a flagship scheme of the Ministry, inter-alia, for enhancing the understanding of people at all levels about the relationship between human beings and the environment. The scheme, inter-alia, has an objective to engage mass media and other concerned organisations for promoting awareness about environmental issues among people at all levels.
  4. All the Divisions of MoEF&CC are involved in one or more aspects of the mandate of the Ministry. The Divisions are required to give wide publicity to the policy being framed, the rules and regulation notified, guidelines issued and advisories sent so that various stake holders are aware of the changes and would be able to appreciate the need for these changes. The Divisions have to consistently make use of various methods of publicity whether it is advertisement, website, social media or anything else. DAVP, Prasar Bharati, Doordarshan, etc. are required to play proactive role. Community Radio Stations are also expected to play a major role in reaching out to local people. Similarly NGOs and self help groups’ support would be required for promoting environment friendly living, waste management, sustainable lifestyle, etc.
  5. Broad Objectives:
    • Creation of Environment awareness at all levels.
    • Information dissemination about all Environment and Forest programmes and Biodiversity conservation.
    • People are made aware of their responsibilities towards environment.
  6. Current Activities of Media Division:
  • 2nd phase of SECAS train flagged off on 17.02.2017.
  • 68 Stations, 20 States, 7 Months, 19000 kms.
  • Up to 31st August, 2017, it has vocered 66 Stations from Safdarjung Railway Station to BhaktiNagar (Gujarat) and has been visited by more that 23 lakh people.
  • Celebration of Important Environment and Forest related Days e.g. Ozone Day, Biodiversity Day, Forestry Day, World Environment Day, etc.
  • Celebrated World Environment Day in Ministry, New Delhi and at ICFRE, Dehradun. Similar functions were held in most of the attached/ subordinate office and autonomous institutions.
  • Organised one day event on Swachhta Abhiyan in collaboration with Swachhta Cell of the Minsitry at Delhi Zoo.
  • Exhibitions on regular intervals in order to spread awareness to more and more citizens primarily students.
  • Students’ visit to IPB for understanding green features. (2535 students have visited till date).
  • Other activities like Nukkad Natak, Puppet Show, dance, etc. with the help of NMNH.
  • Airing of Radio jingles on AIR and FM Channels.
  • Awareness and Publicity in Print Media.
  • Screening of Movies in Ganga Auditorium, IPB.
  • Organizing Press Conference of MoEFCC.
  • Engagement of media consultants for various media related activities including social media updation.