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Achievements of the Division:

  1. The progressiveness of the Government is evident from the commitment to sustainable development which is evident from the financial allocation for development of forests and wildlife in the country.
  1. New technologies like GPS, GIS and remote sensing have been used in the forestry sector for better protection and management of the resource.
  1. There is a system of forest fire detection in the country implemented by Forest Survey of India, Dehradun based on remote sensing technology which can detect and disseminate information about forest fires in near real time. This system is extremely helpful in early detection and management of forest fires in the country.
  1. The Forest Protection Division is the Nodal Division in the Ministry for forest fires related matters. The Division has taken initiatives coordinating with NRSC to strengthen the forest fire early warning and Control Mechanism in the country making it more effective. Recently, as per the decision taken in the meeting chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, the Forest Protection Division prepared a comprehensive proposal “To enhance the Capabilities to Deal with Forest Fires” amounting Rs. 609 crores and submitted  to the Cabinet Secretariat which is under active consideration. Forest Protection Division with National Disaster Management Authority, National Institute of Disaster Management and Ministry of Defence took exigent measures and coordinated with the State Governments to effectively control and douze the forest fires taking the shape of disaster and beyond the capacity of State Forest Department. Examples of recent fires are Tirupati, Tirumala and Visakhapatnam, wherein, MI 7 Defence helicopters were flown to douse the fire along with the ground control measures. These are the first in the history of Indian Forest Fires control Measures.
  1. The Forest Protection Division took initiatives in the field of implementation of Space Technology in MoEF&CC programmes, coordinating with Indian Space research Organization (ISRO) and held two meetings in the Ministry in order to firm up various implementations of the applications of Space Technology in MoEF&CC Programmes. ISRO officials have incorporated the MoEF&CC related services in their officials web portal “Bhuvan”. These can be accessed using the link of the “Bhuvan” server . The application of Space Technology, Remote Sensing and GIS are being taken up in MoEF&CC in a big way and the results are already flowing in. DIG (FPD) being the Nodal Officer for the Implementation of Space Technology in MoEF&CC Programme and Forest Protection Division is the coordinating Division in the same.
  1. Forest Protection Division constituted the committee to monitor the progress of Application of Space Technology in the Ministry including launching of a dedicated forest satellite.