Sr.No Order Title Expiry Date Uploaded On
526 Draft Notification Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands protection zone. 25/05/2013 25/05/2013
527 How do we go for Power Management of Desktop Computer System. 25/05/2013 25/05/2013
528 Constitution of an expert group under the Chairmanship of Dr. K Kasturirangan Member, Planning Commission to look into the scientific functions of this Ministry with a view to strengthen the science & technology base. 25/05/2013 25/05/2013
529 Extended tenure of the Expert Appraisal Committee for New Construction Projects and Industrial Estates will come to an end with immediate effect. 25/05/2013 25/05/2013
530 G.S.R.714(E), [17/11/2006] - The 2-T Oil (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Order, 2006 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
531 G.S.R.778(E), [31/12/1998] - The 2-T Oil (Regulation of Supply and Distribution) Order, 1998 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
532 S.O.583(E) Water Quality Assessment Authority,Order,dated 29 May,2001 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
533 S.O.350(E), [13/5/1998] - Order Constituting the Taj Trapezium Zone Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
534 Supersession Office Order for Guidelines for selection of non-officials to various statutory, judicial, and other committees and other bodies in MOEF 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
535 Follow-up of the cases of Environmental Clearance - Revamping of Monitorig Mechanism. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
536 Committee to examine the comments received on the proposed draft amendments issued vide S.O. 195(E) dated 19-01-2009 to Environment Impact Asssessment Notification, 2006 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
537 Complaint Committee Mechanism relating to Sexual Harrasemnt in Work Places - Composition of Committee in MoEF 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
538 Office Order regarding Handling of files during the period of tour of Secretary (E&F) to Copenhegan from 4th to 20th December, 2009 to attend the COP 15 meeting 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
539 Office Order regarding assignment of work to Shri N. Muruganandam, Director, Dr Rashid Hasan, Director and Ms. Saheli Ghosh Roy, Deputy Secretary 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
540 Office Order regarding allocation of work to Shri M. F. Farooqui as Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Environment & Forests 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
541 Reconstitution of the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
542 Constitution of a committee to examine the issues relating to Monitoring of projects. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
543 During the period of leave of Smt. Rita Tayal, US(GC), Shri S Mahapatra, US(GA) will look after the charge of General Coordination, Parliament & Protocol in addition to the work presently looked after by him. - Office Order 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
544 Allocation of the items of work being looked after by Dr. G. K. Pandey, Adviser. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
545 Work of Cadre Management of IFS is allocated to Shri Vivel Saxena, Director. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
546 Shri Harendra Kharkwal is posted to National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD). 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
547 Shri Arun Prasad T., IES is appointed as Assistant Director in the Ministry of Environment & Forests. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
548 Allocation of work of Shri Alok Agarwal, Deputy Secretary and Shri Pradeep Kumar, Deputy Secretary 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
549 Allocation of work of Shri N Muruganandam, Director and Ms. Saheli Ghosh Roy, Deputy Secretary. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012
550 Allocation of work of Dr. J. R. Bhatt, Director. 23/05/2012 23/05/2012

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