# New Release Title Expiry Date Uploaded On
251 Reconsideration of the reclassification done from Dona Paula cove / bay to Vainguinim Beach as CRZ-II based on the Order of the Hon'ble High Court of Bombay. 12/07/2012
252 Office Memorandum - Demwe Lower Hydroelectric Project: Consideration in Standing Committee of NBWL 12/07/2012
253 National Manufacturing Policy - measures for implementation pertaining to Ministry of Environment and Forests, OM. 12/07/2012
254 Office Memorandum - Guidelines for High-rise Buildings, regarding. 12/07/2012
255 Order of Hon'ble National Green Tribunal dated 24.01.2012 in MA No. 30/2011 arising out of appeal No. 15/2011 in the matter of Satish Umesh Prabhu and Ors. Vs M/s Matoshri Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and Ors - Compliance thereof. 12/07/2012
256 Revised Guidelines for the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Common Effluent Treatment Plats (CETPs). 12/07/2012
257 Submission of project documents and information for obtaining environment clearance in electronic format along with hard copy - compliance of the order of Central Information Commission dated 18.1.2012 - Regarding. 12/07/2012
258 Draft Report to the People on Environment & Forests 2010-11 12/07/2012
259 Quarterly Newsletter - Ex-Situ Updates - March 2012 issue 12/07/2012
260 Consideration of projects for environmental dearance based on Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI) - Extension of Moratorium till further orders - Regarding. 12/07/2012
261 Shri Kailash Sankhla National Wildlife Fellowship Award. 12/07/2012
262 Speech of Hon'ble Minister at Climate Change Forum, TERI From Bali to Durban and Beyond. 12/07/2012
263 Inaugural Address of Hon'ble Minister at Workshop on Equity and Climate Change, New Delhi. 12/07/2012
264 Report: Assessment of Cumulative Impacts of Hydroelectric Projects on Aquatic and Terrestrial Biodiversity in Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Basins, Uttarakhand. 12/07/2012
265 Clarification on calculation of built up area for specific item i.e. Open to sky Duct/Cut Out - Reg. 12/07/2012
266 Proceedings of the REDD+ Workshop. 12/07/2012
267 Consideration of Projects of Thermal Power, Steel Sector, etc. for Environmental Clearance with sourcing of Coal from dedicated Coal Blocks/Coal India Ltd. 12/07/2012
268 GOI-UNDP Project - Biodiversity Conservation through Community-based Natural Resources Management. 12/07/2012
269 Advertisement 12/07/2012
270 Guidelines regulating proposals for Seminars/ Symposia/ Workshops/ Conferences 12/07/2012
271 Communication/ Media Strategy Paper 12/07/2012
272 Request for Proposal for Selection of Communication Agency with expertise in PR & Event management for Implementing the Communication/Media Strategy of the Ministry. 12/07/2012
273 Executive Summary 12/07/2012
274 India's Second National Communication (National Report) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 12/07/2012
275 Order of Hon'ble Supreme Court dated 27.2.2012 in I.A. no. 12-13 of 2011 in SLP (C) no. 19628-19629 of 2009 in the matter of Deepak Kumar etc. Vs State of Haryana and Ors. - Implementation thereof - Regarding. 12/07/2012

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