# New Release Title Expiry Date Uploaded On
176 CPCSEA : National Conference on Alternatives to Animal use in Experimentation 08/10/2014
177 Joint Statement on 18th BASIC Ministerial Meeting on Climate Change 08/08/2014
178 DPR for implementation of e-filing of forest clearance applications 09/05/2014
179 First National Taxonomic Congress - December 5-7, 2013 04/10/2013
180 Brief Statement on Activities and Achievements 2013 14/02/2014
181 Minister orders probe into Kaziranga rhino poaching 04/03/2013
182 Notice of Postponement of E50:50 Meeting 17/10/2013
183 Constitution of a Team for immediate site inspection off the Uran coast near Mumbai, Maharashtra 09/10/2013
184 Wildlife Week Schedule 09/10/2013
185 MoEF Confers Wildlife Awards 26/08/2013
186 Report of MoEF on sand mining 10/08/2013
187 Poster: Water is Life 29/05/2013
188 Report of the Committee for Inspection of M/s Adani Port & SEZ Ltd. Mundra Gujarat. 22/05/2013
189 Report to the People - 2012-2013 27/05/2013
190 Intrim Report on National Workshop cum Training Programme of National Stakeholders for creating Awareness on Non-legally binding instrument (Forest Instrument) on all types of forests. 27/05/2013
191 Agenda for VC Meeting on 24th May, 2013 under the Chairmanship of DGF&SS 27/05/2013
192 Inviting comments/ suggestions on the Report of the Committee constituted to study the regulatory regime regarding felling and transit regulations for tree species grown on private land-reg 23/05/2013
193 Stakeholders comments/views are invited by 20th May, 2013 on the HLWG Report on Western Ghats. 22/05/2013
194 Press Brief regarding the meeting convened by the Minister of State (I/C) Environment and Forests on recent tiger death due to train hit near Chandrapur, Maharashtra. 22/05/2013
195 Institutional Framework for Implementing REDD+ in India. 04/03/2013
196 Consitution of a Committee to comply with the directives of Committee of Parliament on Official Language. 04/03/2013
197 Status of Environment & Forests Clearances in Various Sectors 04/03/2013
198 Consideration of Projects of Thermal Power, Steel Sector for Environmental Clearance with sourcing of Coal from dedicated Coal Blocks/Coal India -Further Clarification -regarding. 04/03/2013
199 Report of the Committee to Formulate Objective Parameters for Identification of Inviolate Forest Areas. 04/03/2013
200 Gazette Notification S.O. 2896 dated 13 Dec. 2012 regarding renewal of mine lease 04/03/2013

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