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S.no Name Division/office Designation Office Resi/Mob Int. Room Email Image
1 Mr.Ravi Agrawal Botanical Garden of India Republic(BGIR), BSI, CES, Ease of Doing Business(EDB), Ecologically Sensitive Areas(ESA), Environment Education (EE), Environment Impact Assessment -I, Environment Impact Assessment -II, Environment Impact Assessment -III, FRLHT, Gos Related Matters(GRS), Information Technology (IT), International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN), Media Cell (MC), National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) Cell, National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-systems, Parliament (Parl), Protocol(P), Research in Environment (RE), Right to Information, SACON, Swachh Bharat Cell (SBC), TBGRI, Wetlands and Ramsar Convention(WRC), ZSI Additional Secretary +91-11-24695137, +91-11-24695442(F) _ 2521 _ ravi[dot]agrawal[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Ravi Agrawal
2 Mrs.B. V. Umadevi Assistance to Botanical Gardens(ABG), Biosafety, Centrally Sponsored Schemes on Mangroves and Coral Reefs, Citizen Charter(CC), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) , CS-III(Biodiversity), Desertification, G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development and ICIMOD, Green India Mission (GIM), Internal Work Study Unit (IWSU), Public Grievances (PG), Result Framework Document (RFD), TTZ Matters(TTZM)O/o AS(BVU) Additional Secretary +91-11-24695266 _ 2515 _ asud[dot]moefcc[at]gov[dot]in
Image of B.v. Umadevi
3 Mr.Subir Kumar Forest Services (FS) Under Secretary +91-11-24695357 _ 2631 _ subir[dot]kumar93[at]gov[dot]in
Image of Subir Kumar
4 Mr.Soumitra Dasgupta Wildlife (WL), Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)O/o ADG(WL) Additional Director General of Forest +91-11-24695416 , +91-11-24695417 (F) _ 3518 _ adgwl-mef[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Soumitra Dasgupta
5 Mr.Mahesh Chand Beniwal Integrated Finance (IF) O/o US(MC Beniwal) Under Secretary +91-11-24695423 _ 5116 _ mc[dot]beniwal[at]gov[dot]in
6 Mr.Suneesh Buxy Externally Aided Projects (EAP), Forest Protection (FPD), Survey & Utilization O/o IGF(Suneesh Buxy) Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695233 _ 5333 _ suneesh[dot]buxy[at]gov[dot]in
Image of Suneesh Buxy
7 Miss.Vl Roui Kullai Forest Policy (FP) Deputy Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695246 _ 4265 V-204 roul[dot]kullai[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Vl Roui Kullai
8 Mr.S C Garkoti Right to Information Scientist G +91-11-24695316 +91-11-24365062 5131 _ satish[dot]garkoti[at]nic[dot]in
Image of S C Garkoti
9 Ms.Geeta Menon Montreal Protocol & Ozone Cell (OC), Public Grievances Cell(PG Cell) Joint Secretary +91-11-24695281,+91-11-24695283 (F) _ 5216 _ menong[at]cag[dot]gov[dot]in
image of Geeta Menon
10 Mrs.Manju Pandey Conservation and Survey(CS)-II, Forest Establishment (FE), Information Technology (IT), Media Cell (MC), Vigilance (V) , Wetlands Joint Secretary +91-11-24695456 _ 5248 _ manju[dot]pandey[at]nic[dot]in
image of Manju Pandey
11 Mr.Yashvir Singh Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Economic Advisor +91-11-24695287 _ 5625 _ yashvir[at]nic[dot]in
image of Yashvir Singh
12 Mrs.Ajeeta Longjam National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board (NAEB) O/o AIG(AL) Assistant Inspector General of Forest _ _ mn042[dot]ifs[at]nic[dot]in
image of Ajeeta Longjam
13 Mr.Anand Kumar Prabhakar Green India Mission (GIM) Deputy Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695129 _ 2224 R-P-226 or154[dot]ifs[at]nic[dot]in
image of Anand Kumar Prabhakar
14 Mr.Aravind Kumar Agrawal General Administration (GA) Director +91-11-24695368 _ 3237 _ dirind-moefcc[at]gov[dot]in
Image of Aravind Kumar Agrawal
15 Mr.Naresh Pal Gangwar Hazardous Substances Management (HSM)O/o JS(NPG) Joint Secretary +91-11-24695340 _ 3328 J 305 jsnpg[dot]mefcc[at]gov[dot]in
image of Naresh Pal Gangwar
16 Mr.Amit Love Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) Scientist E _ _ amit[dot]love[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Amit Love
17 Mr.Vazir Singh Green India Mission (GIM) O/o US(Vazir Singh) Under Secretary +91-11-24695311 _ 2135 _ vazir[dot]singh[at]nic[dot]in
image of Vazir Singh
18 Mr.Mahendra Yadav Information Technology (IT) Under Secretary +91-11-24695334 _ 3126 J112 m[dot]yadav[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Mahendra Yadav
19 Mr.Jitesh Kumar Forest Policy (FP) Technical Officer +91-11-24695411 _ 4649 V634 jitesh[dot]kumar[at]nic[dot]in
image of Jitesh Kumar
20 Mrs.Rita Khanna Environment Education (EE) O/o SG(Rita Khanna) Scientist G +91-11-24695317 _ 5257 A-234 rita[dot]khanna[at]nic[dot]in
image of Rita Khanna
21 Mrs.Richa Sharma Climate Change (CC), CRZ, Environmental Health (EH), General Administration (GA), General Coordination (GC), Global Environment Facility(GEF), Montreal Protocol & Ozone Cell (OC), National Green Tribunal(NGT), Official Language (OL), Policy & Law (PL), Society of Integrated Coastal Management(SICOM), Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) Additional Secretary _ _ sricha[at]ias[dot]nic[dot]in
Image of Richa Sharma
22 Mr.Rishi Kaushik International Cooperation (IC) Under Secretary +91-11-24695426 _ 3324 _ kaushik[dot]rishi[at]nic[dot]in
image of Rishi Kaushik
23 Mr.Vinod K. Singh Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) O/o SE(VK Singh) Scientist E +91-11-24695391 _ 4342 V 302 vinodsingh[dot]77[at]gov[dot]in
Image of Vinod k. Singh
24 Mr.Rohit Tiwari Forest Policy (FP), Wildlife (WL)O/o IGF(RT) Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695269, +91-11-24695291(F) _ 4515 _ igfwl-mef[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Rohit Tiwari
25 Mr.R. S. Negi Integrated Finance (IF) Under Secretary +91-11-24695235 _ 4554 V534 rs[dot]negi66[at]nic[dot]in
image of R. S. Negi
26 Mrs.Sanjeeta Chatterjee Integrated Finance (IF) Under Secretary +91-11-24695403 _ 3128 _ sanjeeta[dot]67[at]nic[dot]in
image of Sanjeeta Chatterjee
27 Mr.Junaid Alam Public Grievances Cell(PG Cell) Senior Secretariat Assistant _ 3141 J133 junaid[dot]alam[at]gov[dot]in
image of Junaid Alam
28 Mr.Aditya Narayan Singh Montreal Protocol & Ozone Cell (OC) O/o SE(AN Singh) Scientist E +91-11-24642176 +91-11-24642175 3243 _ aditya[dot]narayan[at]nic[dot]in
image of Aditya Narayan Singh
29 Mr.Dinesh Runiwal Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) O/o SE(Dinesh Runiwal) Scientist E +91-11-24695245 _ 4512 V 541 d[dot]runiwal[at]gov[dot]in
30 Mr.K R Meena Forest Protection (FPD) Technical Officer +91-11-24695461 _ 5548 A-536 kr[dot]meena[at]nic[dot]in
image of K R Meena
31 Mr.Satyendra Kumar Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) O/o DIR(Satyendra Kumar) Director +91-11-24611719 _ 3613 _ satyendra[dot]kumar07[at]nic[dot]in
image of Satyendra Kumar
32 Mrs.R. Ramila Integrated Finance (IF) Section Officer +91-11-24695320 _ 5133 _ r[dot]ramila[at]nic[dot]in
image of R. Ramila
33 Miss.Bhawna Singh International Cooperation (IC) Scientist E +91-11-24695429 _ 4315 _ bhawna[dot]singh[at]gov[dot]in
Image of Bhawna Singh
34 Mr.N.subrahmanyam Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) O/o SD(N Subramaniyam) Scientist D +91-11-24695366 _ 4316 _ n[dot]subrahmanyam[at]gov[dot]in
image of N.Subrahmanyam
35 Mr.Shantanu Sawroop Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) Section Officer _ 3231 _ shantanu[dot]sawroop[at]gov[dot]in
36 Mr.Shrawan Kumar Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) Research Investigator _ _ kumar[dot]shrawan[at]gov[dot]in
Image of Shrawan Kumar
37 Mr.Dinesh Kumar Singh Hazardous Substances Management (HSM) Assistant Section Officer _ _ dk[dot]singh12[at]gov[dot]in
38 Mr.Rakesh Kumar General Administration (GA) Section Officer 24695388 _ 2025 _ rk[dot]budhraja[at]nic[dot]in
Image of Rakesh Kumar
39 Mrs.Asha M Nair Forest Services (FS) Section Officer +91-11-24695383 +91-11-22710033 2629 _ nair[dot]asha[at]gov[dot]in
image of Asha M Nair
40 Mr.Pyare Lal General Coordination (GC), Right to Information Section Officer +91-11-24695248 _ 3150 _ lal[dot]pyare[at]nic[dot]in
41 Dr..Susan George K. Environment Education (EE) O/o SE(Susan George) Scientist E +91-11-24656845 _ 5527 A-512 susan[dot]george[at]nic[dot]in
image of Susan George k.
42 Mr.Abhijit Prasad Forest Policy (FP) O/o US(Abhijit Parsad) Under Secretary +91-11-24695444 _ 3231 V643 abhijit[dot]prasad[at]nic[dot]in
image of Abhijit Prasad
43 Mr.Manish Kumar Shrivastava Integrated Finance (IF) Section Officer +91-11-24695428 _ 2043 _ manish[dot]shrivastava81[at]gov[dot]in
44 Mr.Praveen Garg Budget and Accounts (BA), Cash Section(CS), Integrated Finance (IF) Special Secretary & Financial Advisor +91-11-24695380, +91-11-24695385 (F) _ 3526 _ ssfa-mef[at]gov[dot]in
image of Praveen Garg
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