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S.no Name Division/office Designation Office Resi/Mob Int. Room Email Image
1 Mr.Sisir Kumar Ratho Forest Conservation (FC)O/o ADG(FC) Additional Director General of Forest +91-11-24695279, +91-11-24695280(F) _ 3520 _ adgfc-mef[at]nic[dot]in
image of Sisir Kumar Ratho
2 Mr.Anjan Kumar Mohanty Forest Conservation (FC)O/o IGF(AKM) Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695273 _ 5540 _ igfmef[dot]akm[at]gov[dot]in
image of Anjan Kumar Mohanty
3 Mr.Sandeep Sharma Forest Conservation (FC) Assistant Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695406 _ 5451 _ sandeep[dot]sharma76[at]gov[dot]in
image of Sandeep Sharma
4 Mr.Rajesh Kumar Forest Conservation (FC) Technical Officer +91-11-24695458 _ 5512 _ r[dot]kumar52[at]gov[dot]in
image of Rajesh Kumar
5 Mr.Charan Jeet Singh Forest Conservation (FC) O/o SD(Charan Jeet Singh) Scientist D +91-11-24695459 _ 5449 _ c[dot]jsingh1[at]gov[dot]in
image of Charan Jeet Singh
6 Mr.Rakesh Kumar Forest Conservation (FC) Technical Officer +91-11-24695466 _ 5520 _ rakeshkr[dot]88[at]gov[dot]in
image of Rakesh Kumar
7 Mr.Brijendra Swaroop Forest Conservation (FC), Project Elephant (PE), Regional Office Head Quarter (ROHQ)O/o IGF(BS) Inspector General of Forest +91-11-24695355 _ 5521 A-501 brijendra[dot]swaroop[at]gov[dot]in
image of Brijendra Swaroop
8 Mr..Jiju J.s Forest Conservation (FC) Technical Officer _ 5545 _ jiju[dot]jairaj[at]gov[dot]in
image of Jiju J.S
9 Mr..Pamposh Mohan Koul Forest Conservation (FC) Technical Officer _ 5554 _ pmkoul[dot]87[at]gov[dot]in
image of Pamposh Mohan Koul
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