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    Ramamurthy anumula
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    TSFD, Aranyabhavan, Hyderabad


VanaSRI: Forest Survey and Research Initiative


It's an online survey decision support tool. No installation needed. Can be used from internet. ( Google earth needed to view .kml files on Google earth). Bridges digital divide (geo) Saves time of staff  and improved perception. Converts  bearing , chainage field books to geocoordinates with one or few field geocoordinates. Superimposes on Google maps.Closing error corrections possible. Magnetic declination can be adjusted if available or can be estimated using available field stations. Can be superimposed even if a map with a scale or area is available but no field book. The generated maps are stored with given names in server and can be viewed from any where. Highly useful in generating virtual boundary. Successfully used as decision support in Nizamabad District in Bhubharati, under NLRMP.  Being used by hundreds who knows its availability. First of it's kind in India. Helps save forests by modernising the records. Saves time n improved perception to staff, there by multiplying productivity in this area. Indegenous and easy to incorporate new tools. NFC and Hon'ble Supreme court directions to georeference/ modernise forest land records and it is instrumental to a maximum extent in achieving that goal. Virtual boundary creation is possible with it.  Boundary encroached upon can be projected. A useful tool waiting  to reach all concerned with choicest tools(SaaS model) First in India. User manuals and user guide videos available in tool. For details and demos, please see links below. http://facebook.com/vanasri2forestsurvey/ https://youtu.be/kMOlHiMhsE0 http://fmis.telangana.gov.in/webgis/Bearing_Conversion.aspx  

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