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Biosafety Guidelines

  1. Revised guidelines for research plants & guidelines for toxicity and allergenicity evaluation of transgenic seeds, plants and plant parts,1998 [html],[pdf], and [word]
  2. Drugs and Cosmetic Rule(8th Amendment),1998[html],[pdf], and [word]
  3. Guidelines for generating preclinical and clinical data for rDNA vaccines, diagnostics and other biologicals,1999[html],[pdf], and [word]
  4. Report of the Task Force on Recombinant Pharma :Aug-2005
  5. Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedure (SoPs) for Confined Field Trials of Genetically Engineered Plants
  6. Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of Foods Derived from Genetically Engineered Plants
  7. Protocol for Food and Feed Safety Assessment of GE crops.
  8. Presentation on Biosafety made before Hon’ble Minister (EF&CC) on 26/05/2017