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Other Related Information

  1. Background Note on Bt Cotton development in India [pdf], and [word] .
  2. Recommendations of the sub-committee on BT Cotton.
  3. Report of the Task Force on Recombinant Pharma :Aug-2005.
  4. Reports of the Monitoring Commitee Constituted by the Ministry
    1. Andhra Pradesh [pdf], and [word]
    2. Gujarat [pdf], and [word]
    3. Karnataka [pdf], and [word]
    4. Madhya Pradesh [pdf], and [word]
    5. Maharashtra [pdf], and [word]
  5. Reports of the Respective State Governments
    1. Andhra Pradesh [pdf], and [word]
    2. Gujarat [pdf], and [word]
    3. Karnataka  [pdf], and [word]
    4. Madhya Pradesh [pdf] (in Hindi)
    5. Maharashtra  [pdf], and [word]
    6. Tamil Nadu [pdf], and [word]
  • Monitoring Mechanism for Kharif 2003 [pdf], and [word]
  • Reports of Central Institute for Cotton Research on Monitoring the Bollworm susceptibility to Bt Gene:
    1. 2002-2003  [pdf], and [word]
    2. 2003-2004  [pdf], and [word]
    3. 2004-2005 [pdf], and [word]
    4. 2005-2006 [pdf]
    5. 2006-2007 [pdf]
    6. 2007-2008 [pdf]
    7. 2012-2013 [pdf]
    8. 2013-2014 [pdf]
    9. 2014-2015 [pdf]
    • Verification Report of CICR on spurious Bt Cotton seeds in Gujarat  [pdf], and [word]
    • Appeal Filed by M/s Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology(RFSTE),New Delhi(on Bt Cotton) in the Appellate Authority [pdf], and [word]