What are the incentives to the industries for pollution control ?

The steps taken by the various categories of the industries for reduction in the generation of the pollutants are as follows: Commissioning of the stand-by power supply systems by chlor-alkali plants reduce mercury emission due to power failures Introduction of blending system for coal homogenisation in cement plants to ensure stable operation of the ESPs Conversion of single hood to the double hood system in copper smelters to reduce the fugitive emissions Biomethanation of the effluents in distillerie Solar evaporation ponds in small-scale water polluting units not having CETPs in the proximity Conversion of the open hearth furnaces (OHF) to the basic oxygen furnaces (BOF) and introduction of the dry system (instead of wet) for the quenching of the hot coke in iron & steel plants Commissioning of chemical recovery plants (CRPs) by pulp & paper industries; and Change over the DCDA production method by sulphuric acid.