List of Pending GEAC Proposals as on 20.12.2006.


S. No

Title of the Proposal

Received on

Referred to






Import and marketing of recombinant Bovine Somatropin from M/s. L.G. Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi


Dept. Of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, DBT, MoFP&I.

The proposal was reconsidered in the 61st Meeting of GEAC on 14.12.2005 wherein the Company was advised to conduct additional studies as recommended by the Dept. of Animal Husbandry.


Reports are awaited.




Request for large scale trials of Bt brinjal.


Circulated to all members.

Considered in the GEAC meeting held on 1.6.2006 wherein it was decided to post the biosafety data on MoEF website. Subsequently the Ministry has constituted an Expert Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof Deepak Pental, VC DU to review the feedback received from various stakeholders.


The report of the Committee is awaited.



Permission for export of transgenic groundnut seeds to South Africa for research purposes by International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Patanacheru A.P.



Circulated to all the members, National Biodiversity Authority, NBPGR and Ministry of Agriculture.

Considered in the GEAC meeting on 17.8.2006 wherein it was decided to await the recommendations of the National Biodiversity Authority and comments from Ministry of Agriculture and NBPGR.


Comments from NBPGR and NBA is being examined.




Permission for Import of Lecithin (DNA-ve) and Standard Lecithin derived from Round up Ready Soybean from ADM, USA by M/s Tina Oils.


Circulated to all the members.

Considered in the GEAC meeting held on 17.8.2006 wherein addition information on product specification was sought.


Permission for import of Soybean oil (refined and crude de-gummed) derived from Round up-ready soybean by M/s Solvent Extractors Association


Circulated to all Members of GEAC

The GEAC in its meeting held on 17.8.2006 approved the import of soybean oil as an interim measure. For final approval the oil importers have been advised to submit analytical report on the composition of the refined, crude-degummed and residue from CFTRI/ NIN. Results are awaited.