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A case study-Operation Retrieval of Forest Land of Gondi Beat of Kagaznagar Range in Kagaznagar Division of Adilabad Circlen


It is a rare case in which the High Court Bench met on a Saturday evening and also on Sunday evening to enquire into the allegations made in the Habeas Corpus Petition.  Fortunately the Court did not find fault with forest officers for evicting the encroachers from the forest land and upheld action of the forest department in evicting tribal from Reserve Forest land on 12.06.2019.  Enroachments into the forest is like cancer in the human body and the forest officer who successfully evacuates the encroachers can be said to be a doctor who did surgical operation.  All the encroachers have been sent to Wankdi under the supervision of FRO Kaghaznagar.  All is well that ends well.  It must be said respectfully that the judgment is topical and revealing. During this rainy season a plantation was carried in the above said retrieval area. 

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