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    Barrackpore, 63 Barasat Road Nona Chandanpukur Bazaar, Krishna Apartment (Flat No.4 A), Kolkata, West Bengal, India, PIN-700122


A Day In My Life


Long before I donated some dollars to WWF-Australia, I used to eschew words like donations or charity because I thought like 'who would help me when I am down and out'? However, I have always disposed of nonbiodegradable items in the trash bins and not on sidewalks or on streets. Two days ago, when I saw some clips of thirsty koalas and koalas who sustained injuries engendered from the bushfire in Australia, I wept from inside. I thought about how selfish I have been all my life! We always talk about 'making an impact' and in the name of that we just share clips that spread the message of altruism. Who does this help? Am I really doing something impactful with my life? I decided to become the first in my friend zone, who stepped out and made donations to WWF-Australia. Honestly, after doing that I felt so replenished and felt so darn good that I realized that if I hadn't stepped out of my zone, I would have had regrets about not doing something for these poor creatures. I also donated some amount to WWF-India too. I am currently following pan-ecological things. In the future, I'd love to earn legitimized degrees/internship certificates/workshop certificates/ on the topics of environment, ecology, ecosystem, and animals so that I could offer some professional help.

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