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Alternative solid fuels source for wood, coal from waste plastic


VISION - Our Idea comes under the scheme of SWACH BHARAT . We have a plan to clean the already generated and used Plastic(HDPE,LLDPE,LDPE,PP,PE) from INDIA as well as from all over world. MISSION - As you all know that in this overpopulated world the use of plastics is increasing day by day and yet we don’t have any idea to use this used plastic. Government is taking all initiative steps to reduce the use of plastics but still the situation is not under control. We have lot of dumping ground in which CHEMBUR which is in BOMBAY is one of the largest in INDIA . In this area our municipal people have segregated the plastic according to there category. So our main idea is to take all this plastic from this places and convert them to useful product. The product which we will make can be used as the alternative product for burning in industries and this product is solid in shape that means it is the alternative source for wood and coal.And future will be solve plastic pollution, global warming ,deforestation and energy problems.

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