Dissemination of Completed Project

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Dissemination of Completed Project

1.Eco Friendly Road Technology – RBI Grade 81 Natural Soil Stabilizer” by Alchemist Technology Limited

2. “Development of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete Precast Elements” by Annamalai University / (3.0 MB)

3. “Designing of Fly Ash Composites in Building Materials for Energy Conservation & Shielding Applications” by National Physical Laboratory and Amity University / (2.03 MB)

4.Project On-Synthesis of Polymer Nano Hydrogel and Development of Hybrid Waste Treatment System Using Cavitation Technique and Hydrogel by NIT Warangal

5. Development and Demonstration of nano-sized TiO2 based Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology for Controlling VOCs by IIT Kanpur

6. Waste Minimization in Moradabad Brassware Industries Clusters by TERI

7. Waste Minimization in Small Scale Industries by NPC