Scheme Guidelines of Revised R&D Scheme for Conservation and Development

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Scheme Guidelines of Revised R&D Scheme for Conservation and Development

National Natural Resource Management System (NNRMS) has been established under the aegis of the Planning Commission, Government of India, in 1983. The mandate of NNRMS has been to promote the use of high technology inputs such as Remote Sensing (RS), Geographical Information System (GIS) and GPS (Global Positioning System) in conjunction with the conventional techniques / methods for national development applications including natural resources management, environmental monitoring and disaster management. Sustained availability of data from Indian Remote Sensing Satellites have been instrumental in realising the goals of NNRMS, DOS (Department of Space) is the nodal agency for NNRMS and provides all secretarial support to it. Policy guidelines as well as overall progress is monitored by PC-NNRMS( Planning Committee of NNRMS). The PC-NNRMS is Chaired by Members Science, Planning Commission with the Secretaries of user Ministries, Govt. of India as member. The detailed guidance and coordination in execution of NNRMS are provided by Standing Committees. There are 10 high power Standing Committees covering important sectors eg., Agriculture and Soils (SC-A), Bio-resources and Environment (SC-B),Geology and Mineral Resources (SC-G),Ocean Resources (SC-O), Remote Sensing Technology and Training (SC-T) and, Water Resources (SC-W), Rural Development (SC-R), Urban (SC-U), Cartography (SC-C), Meterology (SC-M). These Committees are chaired by the Secretaries of the respective Ministries of the Govt. of India. Standing Committees (SCs) are responsible for identifying the thrust areas, identifying improved methods / techniques, formulate and /or approve specific national projects/programmes. These are also responsible for coordination among various departments in a particular application sector.

Regarding NNRMS SC-B

Constitution : The Standing Committee of NNRMS on Bio-resources and Environment (SC-B) is Chaired by Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests and has Members from Ministry of Environment & Forests, Planning Commission, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Department of Bio-technology, State Forest Departments of Assam, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Sikkim, North Eastern Council, Forest Survey of India, Department of Space and representative of NNRMS/ISRO as Member Secretary.

Thrust Areas/(16.37 KB) : So far the SC-B had identified 56 priority areas for taking up remote sensing based studies in tune with key environmental and ecological issues of the country. They encompassed forest, grassland, plant and faunal resources, wetlands, land degradation, water and air pollution, etc., information requirements for the Man and Biosphere Programme and some typical areas like mining, coastal areas, wildlife habitat etc.

Progress Of NNRMS SC-B Activities

So far, NNRMS SC-B has met 25 times and sponsored 114 remote sensing application projects (out of which 77 projects have been completed) addressing key environmental and ecological issues such as management of forest, grassland, faunal resources, wetlands, coastal areas including mangroves and coral resources, land degradation, impact of mining and industrialization, river pollution, etc. These projects have been carried out by Department of Space, Universities, Research Institutions, State Remote Sensing Application Centres.

Technical & Financial Sub-Committee

This Sub-Committee was set up to scrutinize/review all the proposals submitted for funding under the NNRMS-SC-B from the Technical and Financial angle. Only those proposals recommended by the Sub-Committee are reviewed by the SC-B for financial assistance.

User Agencies Of The Research Findings

NNRMS SC-B has played a significant role in monitoring/managing the environment/ecology of our country through number of projects. The potential user agencies for utilizing the outcome/information generated in the projects sanctioned by the Ministry under NNRMS Programme are the Central Govt. Departments/agencies, Public Sector Undertakings, State Govt. Departments/agencies and the Ministry of Environment & Forests itself including the various organisations under its administrative control like Forest Survey of India (FSI), Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), Botanical Survey of India ( BSI), etc.Some of the important projects executed so far which have been very useful for the country

  • Wetland inventory (mapping) for entire country (This is first time spatial information on wetland for the country)
  • Wetland Information System for the State of West Bengal Coastal land use mapping, mangrove and coral reef mapping
  • Standardization of national classification system and mapping methodology for desertification status monitoring
  • Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) being used in CRZ Notification implementation

Contact Person of the Programme
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