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Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Cell

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is a major reform initiative launched by the Government
of India to re-engineer the existing cumbersome delivery processes using modern
Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This programme aims to transfer
benefits directly into the Aadhaar seeded bank/ postal accounts, of targeted
beneficiaries. A DBT Cell has been created in the Ministry to carry out the
implementation of DBT. The DBT Mission, Cabinet Secretariat has launched a DBT
Bharat Portal for overall monitoring of the progress of the schemes, on-boarded,

The functions of DBT Cell are as follow:

  • The DBT Cell is headed by the Economic Adviser and acts as the nodal point
    between the Ministry and the DBT Mission, Cabinet Secretariat.
  • It constantly engages with the DBT Mission, Cabinet Secretariat for making the
    eligible schemes of the Ministry DBT compliant.
  • The Cell spearheads the work of on-boarding various schemes on DBT Bharat Portal
    ( btbh a ra n).
  • It is responsible for managing strict deadlines and coordinates with all Divisions in
    the Ministry for regular updation.
  • Officers of the Cell attend regular interactive sessions and review meetings with the
    DBT Mission on Aadhaar Act and DBT on-boarding. It also organizes interactive
    meetings in the Ministry with the members of the DBT Mission on reporting of
    progress, requirement of database of beneficiaries; IT related services required for
    linking with DBT Bharat portal etc. for officials in the Ministry handling Schemes
    on-boarded on the DBT Portal.
  • DBT Cell is responsible for ensuring the following for the DBT Applicable schemes
    of the Ministry:

(i) 100% Electronic transfer of benefits
(ii) 100% Aadhaar based transfers
(iii) Development and maintenance of MIS for all DBT schemes of the Ministry
(iv) Curbing pilferage and duplication of benefits, both cash and in kind