The working of LMC is under

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The working of LMC is under

Receipt and Allocation of Cases:

  • On receipt of court cases by CR Section/ Facilitation Counter, the cases are then sent to LMC.
  • LMC upon a preliminary scrutiny of the case, marks the same to the concerned Division based on the subject matter of the case.
  • After being received by the Division necessary actions are carried by the division itself, however the general monitoring and supervision of the case is carried by LMC, if required.

Timely allocation of Cases:

  • Cases are marked to concerned Divisions on day-to- day basis without any delay to ensure speedy process and effective disposal of the cases.
  • Brief Transmission Form (BTF) are issued by the LMC in favour of the empanled Advocates with MoEF&CC for NGT(PB), New Delhi and its Zonal Benches, all over India.

Monitoring in  filing of replies/compliance of the orders etc:

  • One of the various many works of LMC is also to ensure that the replies in the Cur Cases are being filed.
  • LMC ensures that the replies are being filed within three weeks from the date of order.
  • LMC ensures that the order or directions passed in the Court cases pertaining to MoEF&CC are being compiled with by  coordinating with the concerned Divisions.

Monitoring in quality of replies and arguments etc:

  • The concerned Division in the Ministry for defending case more effectively provides a brief background of each case/subject matter to the Advocate. Replies/ Affidavits are approved by the Competent Authority, before filing the same in the courts by the panel counsel .
  • LMC through the assistance of the dedicated person appointed in NGT, ensures that the quality of the argument and the conduct of the proceeding is carried out effectively.

Monitoring of Daily Updation  Records:

  • Assistants (Legal) update the records of the cases on daily basis related to court cases of their Division, in LIMBS.
  • Monthly reports are prepared by LMC stating the total numbers of cases, replies and status of the cases pending updating in LIMBS.
  • Records of the cases marked to various Divisions are kept by LMC for the effective monitoring and supervision of the same.
  • LMC also keeps record of the counsel appointed in the particular court case.
  • LMC monitors the works of Legal Assistant posted in various Division of the Ministry.