Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA)

Accounts Openings

  1. CAMPA – transfer of funds, to – question of reconciliation. PDF(604KB)
  2. 5th meeting of the National CAMPA Advisory Council, New Delhi, 24th November,2014 – forwardal of minutes. PDF(2.00MB)
  3. CAMPA – release of funds to State Governments against the Annual Plan of Operation for 2015-16 PDF(2.00MB)
  4. Advertisement for the temporary positions in the Ad-hoc CAMPA.PDF(176KB)
  5. 6th meeting of the National CAMPA Advisory Council, New Delhi, 21st july 2015 : Minutes.PDF(1.52 MB)
  6. 7th meeting of the National CAMPA Advisory Council, New Delhi, 6th Nov 2015 : Minutes PDF(5.76 MB)

Establishment and Guidelines

  1. Order dtd. 13.08.09 establishing CAMPAPDF[ 463.74 KB]
  2. Constitution of Core Group on use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Forestry Sector PDF(416.36 KB)
  3. The Guidelines of State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Managment and Planning Authority (State CAMPA) PDF(114.91 KB)
  4. Supreme Court Order dated 10th July 2009 PDF(2.23 MB)
  5. Guidelines for Investment Policy and Procedure for Investment of funds lying0with Ad-hoc CAMPA PDF(320.93 KB)
  6. Investment Policy and Procedure for Investment of funds laying with Ad-hoc CAMPA (As revised w.e.f. 23.03.2018) PDF(429.61 KB)
  7. The investment limit of the various banks for the financial year 2017-2018 based on the balance sheet and annual report are fix PDF(166.59 KB)


  1. Agenda for VC Meeting on 24th May, 2013 under the Chairmanship of DGF & SS PDF(1.9 MB)
  2. Minutes of the 4th meeting of the National CAMPA Advisory Council held under the Chairpersonship of Hon’ble Minister of StatePDF(39.98KB)
  3. Minutes of third meeting of National CAMPA Advisory CouncilPDF(408.67 KB)
  4. Minutes of second meeting of National CAMPA Advisory Council(131.07 KB)PDF
  5. First Meeting of the newly constituted National CAMPA Advisory Council, Letter PDF(166.58 KB)
  6. Agenda Note for first meeting of CAMPA PDF(935.56 KB)

Financial Statements and Balance sheets

  1. Statement showing proposed allocations of CAMPA funds to States/ UTs against Annual Plans of Operation for the year 2013-14 PDF(96.96 KB)
  2. Releases PDF(24.5 KB)
  3. Position regarding receipt of Annual Plans of Operation from Statess/ UTs PDF(95.3 KB)
  4. All details related to disbursements since June 2009 till February 2011 PDF(28.29 KB)
  5. Consolidated Balance sheet as on 31.01.2010 PDF(69.89 KB)
  6. Consolidated Income & Expenditure Account for the period ended on 31.01.2010 PDF(69.89 KB)
  7. Inter-units accounts as on 31.01.2010 PDF(217.63 KB)
  8. Compensatory Afforestation Fund received from the states PDF(203.24 KB)
  9. Time deposits as on 31.01.2010 PDF(240.94 KB)
  10. Interest received on time deposits as on 31.01.2010 PDF(169.64 KB)
  11. Provisions made for fund released to States/UTs PDF(172.96KB)
  12. Total fund available in Adhoc CAMPA as on 31.01.2010 PDF(240.24 KB)
  13. Statement showing total fund received from States/UTs as on 31.01.2010 PDF(262.18 KB)
  14. State wise Balance Sheet for the year 2006-2013 PDF(1.54 MB)

APO’s Recieved

  1. Andaman & Nicobar PDF(262.86 KB)
  2. Andhra Pradesh PDF(1.06 MB)
  3. Goa PDF(45.8 KB)
  4. Madhya Pradesh PDF(159.22 KB)
  5. Tamil Nadu PDF(744.91 KB)
  6. Karnataka PDF(612.67 KB)
  7. Uttrakhand PDF(2.76 MB)
  8. Himachal PradeshPDF(300.24 KB)
  9. Gujarat


  1. Monitoring  Group of National Authority