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    Swati Mehrotra
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    #19, Lane W6B, Sainik Farms, New Delhi


Ecologically Sustainable Fashion


Swati Modo has been a nature focused organization delivering the its services for over an decade, a majority of its designs are inspired by nature and since the last 5 years Swati Modo is determined to give back to the nature its much needed care. Swati Modo footwears are the most eco friendly shoes one could get, the processes used to create and the materials used are 98% safer to the environment than any other retail brand and has the most minimal carbon footprint in the industry. Swati Modo is still focused on developing its methods, technology and idea in cutting down the footprints further low to help the earth be a better place to be and urges everyone to take step forward towards making the mandatory changes for a better and cleaner living. Join the campaign #savetheearthmode with #swatimodo in bringing back the refreshing winds, crystal waters and dense greenery to our nature.

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