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    Erragidir-518442 , Pamulapadu-mandal, Kurnool- district, Andhrapradesh, India




ERRAGUDUR VILLAGE NOW ON ECO - FRIENDLY MODEL VILLAGE IN ANDHRA PRADESH  , INDIA ______________________________________________   In 1992 started social voluntary organization of P.S.S. Educational Development society (NGO) and inaugurated a eco friendly model Erragudur village of Pamulapadu Mandal Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh that was worked and Heavy blasting by Telugu Ganga Project work in 2009. The village lives in Erragudur Grama Panchayat and has been built under the take Relief and Rehabitation programme by P.S.S Educational development plants planted within Erragudur village.PSS.Educational Development society (NGO) and Blue cross youth seva sangam Executive Secretary Bathula Sanjeevarayudu erragudur is located beside of Telugu ganga project & Pothureddy padu project of Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. The Housing and social infrastructure was by P.S.S Educational Development  Society and Blue Cross (NGO) of many verities of trees planted, Trees reverse the impacts of land degradation and provide food, energy and income, helping communities achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Trees also filter the air and help stave off the effects of climate change.  In just one year, a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen as 10 people inhale!   , VALUES The  organization believe in the following values,Transparence,Accountability,Discipline,Respect,Honest and trust,Unity With the Govt support the rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in Erragudur village Gram Panchayat located in the remotest parts of Nallamalla Forests has little external connectivity’s linkage, electricity, drinking water supply sanitation, special schools of ST Sugali (Banjara), internal roads and is prove to frequent natural disaster. This development was conceptualized, planned and implemented by PSS Educational Development Society and Blue Cross Youth Seva Sangam (NGO) as an Eco – friendly model village with aim to transform the life style of the effected community and narrow the gap between the privileged and under privileged sections of the society. PSS Educational Development society and Blue cross youth seva sangam (NGO) B.Sanjeevarayudu under took a holistic planning approach and use innovative themes and ideas while drawing up this village. Pothureddy padu project widening of work used heavy blasting by contract company. 574 houses fully damaged by heavy blasting. The NGO Team ensured full involvement of the affected communities by beneficiaries during the entire cycle of development & welfare of process. It took and provided facilities and amenities such as drinking water supply, sanitation, amenity building, cattle sheds, machaans, (raised resting plat forms). Shade net, green house, adequate open areas including children play areas, space for communities participation, besides creating disaster resistant dwelling unitis, Animal welfare & Development, The NGO team under B.Sanjeevarayudu ensured full involvement of the affected people and beneficiaries during the entire cycle of development process several green and eco efficience features. Were in corporate in planning, design and contruction. Collection and treatment of Solid Waste in  the Village, Sewage/ Liquid Waste treatment and its reuse, Improved accessibility of road transport to increase personal mobility and agriculture production , Cost effective approach to Street lighting for road safety and reduction in crime after dark , Ways to improve healthcare services in village, Facilitating Digital Literacy at Village level to bridge digital divide in the country,  Creating Employment Opportunities and amenities for Rural Youth ,  Facilities and infrastructure for women in Rural Additionally PSS Educational Development Society & Blue Cross Youth Seva Sangham (NGO) ensured extensive usage of locally available materials, skill sets and employed the local work force in this project. Erragudur village most back word and heavy blasting effected village a year ago, now erragudur village to day has been completely transformed and boasts of a clean environment good ambience and safe living with all facilities like water supply, sanitation, greenery amenity buildings, lighting, Education, Health, Banking, formation of womenself help groups, A.P. Government all programmes implementation, linkage roads with other villages good implementation of MNREGS Programme Animal welfare etc., NGO Executive Secretary Bathula Sanjeevarayudu take special efforts and concentration dedicatedly done.   Dr. Bathula Sanjeevarayudu has relentlessly worked in the field of  women and child welfare, Eradication of poverty ,Rural development , Disable , widows, aged, Orphans welfare, Youth development , Peace building in India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Burma  countries eco development, , villages development programmes for last 32 years, Dr.Bathula Sanjeevarayudu has faced many life threatening situations while implementing all welfare and development programmes and Govt. Programmes also. he has played a major role in educating people to give up the ritual of superstitions in Rural areas. CONTACT ADDRESS:   Cell No: 9849092941 Excecutive secretary , Dr.Bathula Sanjeevarayudu PSSEDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY, www.psseds.org ERRGUDURU – 518442 , PAMULAPADU MANDAL KURNOOL DISTRICT. ,ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA,  https://www.facebook.com/bathula.sanjeevarayudu, Email:psseds123@gmail.com         https://www.facebook.com/PSS-Educational-Development-society-NGO , https://plus.google.com/+DrBathulaSanjeevarayudupsseducationaldevsociety https://www.facebook.com/DrBathulaBlueCrossYouthSevaSanghamRegdNGOINDIA http://business.google.com/website/drbathula-sanjeevarayudu

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