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Finding flora


Story of two brothers on an expedition to conserve the nature in an extraordinary way . Knowledge of plant sciences , some gardening handy tools n camera not a DSLR  but normal phone camera enabled these enthusiastic plant parents to achieve their goals . It began one fine day when the cool breeze entered fluttering through the porticos where the windchime tinkles everytime the breeze gushes through . In these cemented forests the voice of the house sparrow have been  sadly replaced by the cold harsh wind . I particularly own a kitchen garden where I try to grow plants in minimum conditions (particularly what the science says to achieve results with minimum efforts ) . So I was clicking photos of roses whose aroma have attracted many bees in a similar way as the hotel Karim does attracting the non veg lovers . Sudden idea struck my mind of discovering species in my region . I have been traveling to Delhi for college which had given me an exposure to capture the diversity of plants endemic to the region . With this goal set up , we have crossed 150+ species growing in our region . At first didn't thought so but yes we have did  this potraying them on our Instagram page (@catkin16 ) Take away message - We can only potray & hence provide only 1% of the essence of life of plants & beauty around us if they are safe .  we require to explore more , & for exploring we require to have species to be present & hence it becomes our fundamental duty to save them .So , let's take a pledge to plant one sapling on each festival , each birthday , each anniversary not in a jungle but in our house . If you can't afford a space go for vertical gardens but this pledge should be tightly firmed then only we can save the earth . This is a small effort from two brothers of a small town where the Revolt Of 1857 started . Hope we are fortunate enough to start a revolt of saving the environment . @catkin16

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