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  1. Cumulative Impact Carrying Capacity Study of Subansiri Sub basin including Down Stream Impacts [Final Report] [PDF](17.8MB),[Annexures] [PDF](4.4MB)
  2. Executive Summary of Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Plan & HEO Hydroelectric Project, Arunachal Pradesh [PDF](43.81 MB)| Terms of Reference[PDF](1.78 MB)
  3. Executive Summary of Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Plan & PAUK Hydroelectric Project, Arunachal Pradesh [PDF](37.17 MB)| Terms of Reference[PDF](1.79 MB)
  4. Executive Summary of Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Plan & TATO-I Hydroelectric Project, Arunachal Pradesh[PDF](28.18 MB) | Terms of Reference[PDF](1.53 MB)
  5. Considerations of proposals regarding Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts, Maharashtra.[PDF](39.48 KB)
    [Updated: January 25th, 2012]
  6. Mining Projects from the Districts of Bellary, Tumkur and Chitradurga in Karnataka – reg.[PDF](33.32 KB) [Updated: September 21st, 2011]
  7. Consideration of projects for grant of environment clearance under EIA Notification, 2006, which involve forestland – Procedure to be followed – further clarifications – reg[PDF](78.05 KB) [Updated: September 12th, 2011]
  8. Restriction on Construction Work for 400 MW Maheshwar Hydro-Electric Projects in Madhya Pradesh – Lifting of Stop Work – regarding.[PDF](235.56 KB)
  9. Consideration of projects for environmental clearance based on CEPI; Lifting of Moratorium in respect of industrial clusters/areas of (i) Bhadravati, (ii) Mangalore and (iii) Greater Kochi – regarding.[PDF](1.5 MB)
  10. Consideration of proposals regarding Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts, Maharashtra[PDF](251.81 KB)
  11. Debarring of M/s R K Consultants, Jodhpur from the list of accredited Environmental Consultants – reg.[PDF](482.22 KB)
  12. Minutes of the Extra-ordinary Meeting of Expert Appraisal Committee for River Valley and Hydroelectric Projects to consider the Final Report by Dr. Pandey Committee on Assessment of Command Area Development Plans for Omkareshwar and Indira Sagar Projects in Madhya Pradesh.
  13. Nyamjangchhu Hydroelectric Project Environmental Management Plan[PDF](3.47 MB) | Environmental Impact Assessment[PDF](7.43 MB) | Executive Summary – English[PDF](296.6 KB)
  14. Executive Summary of EIA & EMP Report of Tawang[PDF](221.01 KB).
  15. EIA and EMP Dibbin Hydro Electric project[PDF](855.67 KB) .
  16. Dhamwari Sunda Hydro Electric Project – Executive Summary[PDF](349.68 KB)
  17. Khuitam HE Project Arunachal PradeshEnvironmental Management Plan[PDF](72.74 MB) | Environmental Impact Assessment[PDF](107.68 MB) | Executive Summary – Hindi[PDF](2.95 MB) , English[PDF](3.85 MB)
  18. Ting Ting H. E. Project, Sikkim Environmental Management Plan[PDF](3.75 MB) | Environmental Impact Assessment[PDF](12.75 MB) | Executive Summary[PDF](2.72 MB)
  19. Minutes of the 19th meeting of National Coastal Zone Management Authority held on 22-01-2010[PDF](123.09 KB)
  20. Postponement of the 19th Meeting of the National Coastal Zone Management Authority. [Meeting[PDF](682.01 KB)] & [Agenda[PDF](695.48 KB)]
  21. NAFRA Hydro Electric Project, Arunachal Pradesh, Draft Report [Volume-I[PDF](21.8 MB)] and [Volume-II[PDF](18.93 MB)]
  22. NAFRA Hydro Electric Project, Arunachal Pradesh, Executive Summary [English[PDF](728.73 KB)] and [Hindi[PDF](3.24 MB)]
  23. Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri J.M. Mauskar, Additional Secretary, to examine the comments received on the proposed draft amendments issued vide S.O. 195(E) dated 19-01-2009 to EIA Notification, 2006 [Office Memorandum[PDF](244.87 KB)] and [Report[PDF](605.18 KB)]
  24. Write Petition No. 13341/08 filed by Krishna Godavari Deltala Parirakshana Samithi, Bhimavaram, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh & Others Vs Union of India & Others – Report of the Sub Committee[PDF](684.54 KB)
  25. 18th Meeting of National Coastal Zone Management Authority (NCZMA) held on September 15th, 2009 [Agenda[PDF](36.1 KB)] and [Minutes of the Meeting[PDF](112.08 KB)]
  26. S.O 1268 (E)[Dated – 19-05-2009] – National Coastal Zone Management Authority, Notification[PDF](81.08 KB)
  27. New Policy on Expansion of Existing Ports and Initiation of New Projects along the Coastline – [Press Release[PDF](20.16 KB)] & [Office Memorandum[PDF](1.4 MB)]
  28. 5,00,000 HLPA (151 KLPD) Brewery Project by M/s S.S. Breweries (P) Limited near village Bhondsi Tehsil Sohna district Gurgaon, Haryana- clarification reg.[PDF](15.53 KB)
  29. State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAAs) as on 7-09-2009.[PDF](71.64 KB)
  30. Reconstitution of Monitoring Committee under the Notification No. S.O. No. 133 (E) dated 4th February, 2003 (Matheran Notification).[PDF](31.98 KB)
  31. Reconstitution of High Level Monitoring Committee under the Notification No. S.O. No. 52 (E) dated 17th January, 2001 (Mahableswar  Panchgani as an Eco-Sensitive Region).[PDF](99.24 KB)
  32. Moratorium on expansion of existing ports and initiation of new projects along the coast.[PDF](44.03 KB)
  33. Summary Environmental Impact Assessment of 90MW Gongri Hydro Electric Project at West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. [Hindi[PDF](1.86 MB)] and [English[PDF](1.82 MB)]
  34. Lapsing of the Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) Notification, 2008.[PDF](68.04 KB)
  35. Report of the Expert Committee on the Draft Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) Notification.[PDF](332.46 KB)
  36. Executive Summary for Shongtong-Karchham HEP (402 MW). [Hindi[PDF](720 KB)] and [English[PDF](609.41 KB)]
  37. Environmental Management Plan for 1750 MW Demwe Lower HE Project, Arunachal Pradesh.[PDF](9.49 MB)
  38. Executive Summary. [Hindi[PDF](1.18 MB)] and [English[PDF](1.53 MB)]
  39. Environmental Impact Assessment for 1750 MW Demwe Lower HE Project, Arunachal Pradesh.[PDF](12.76 MB)
  40. Envforcement of Ambient Air Norms at the project site.[PDF](14.03 KB)
  41. Circular regarding locating helipads in Coastal Regulation Zone area.[PDF](45.92 KB)
  42. Manual on norms and standards of Environmental Clearance of Large Construction Projects.[PDF](977.17 KB)
  43. Instructions for maintenance of transparency and streamlining of procedure for disposal of EC cases in IA division.[PDF](48.89 KB)
  44. Executive Summary of Proposed Sri Rameshwara Lift Irrigation Scheme.[PDF](1.66 MB)
  45. Executive Summary of Kelo Major Irrigation Project.[PDF](204.74 KB)
  46. Executive Summary and EIA for Rupsiabagar – Khasiabara Hydro Electric Power Project.[PDF](1.41 MB)
  47. Executive Summary of Alaknanda H.E. Project, Uttarakhand.[PDF](2.6 MB)
  48. Executive Summary and EIA for Generation Augmentation at Bhira.[PDF](2.21 MB)
  49. Executive Summary for Environmental Management Plan.[PDF](237.92 KB)
  50. EIA Notification, 2006 – Consideration of Proposals of Construction Sector – Procedure – Regarding.(Circular).[PDF](26.56 KB)
  51. Constitution of Expert Appraisal Committee- 2 for Mining Projects.[PDF](162.46 KB)
  52. Applicability of EIA Notification, 2006 for Cases where Land has been Acquired before EIA Notification, 1994.(Circular)[PDF](34.61 KB)
  53. Executive Summary and EIA of Pakaldul H.E. Project
  54. Executive Summary of EIA and EMP of Dibang Multipurpose Project.[PDF](296.32 KB)
  55. Application invited for six technical staff and two support staff for World Bank.Last date for the receipt of application 21-03-07[PDF](37.05 KB)
  56. Environmental Impact Assessement Notification-2006
  57. 9th Meeting Of The Additional Expert Committee On New Construction Projects And Industrial Estates To Be Held On 5-6 January, 2007 at Paryavaran Bhawan,Room No 402, C.G.O Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.[PDF](60.48 KB)
  58. NRBPT Criteria for Registration of EIA Consultants Organizations.[PDF](450.02 KB)
  59. Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2006.[PDF](256.38 KB)
  60. Invitation for bids for preparing “National Plan of Action for preventing pollution of Coastal Waters from land based activities”. [PDF](42.99 KB)
  61. Hiring of Consultants for Formulation of Norms Standards for Environmental Clearance of large Construction Projects [Last date of submission 31/10/20005][PDF](19.52 KB)
  62. Expression Of Interest For Empanelment As Experts[PDF](12.56 KB)
  63. Supreme Court Order dated 21st February, 2005 W.P.(Civil)No.460 of 2004, Goa Foundation versus UOI.[PDF](497.33 KB)
  64. Report of the Committee Chaired by Prof. M.S. Swaminathan – To Review the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification 1991
  65. Environmental Clearance (EC) Process in India: A new website – []
  66. EIA Consultant Organisation Registration Scheme[PDF](450.02 KB)
  67. Environmental Clearance Status
  68. Model Letters According Environmental Clearance
  69.  S.o.2444(E)  Amandement- Coastal Zone Management Plan[PDF](349.22 KB)
  70. S.o.1393(E) Amandement- Coastal Regulation Zone, Notification, 2011[PDF](600 KB)
  71. S.o.3266(E) constitution of  the National Coastal Zone Management Authority(NCZMA)[PDF](648.65 KB)
  72. G.S.R.1227(E) Amandement- Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 2011[PDF](314.58 KB)
  73. Competent Authority to Approve of the Sub-Committee out of  Expert Appraisal Committees (EAC) for the site inspection[PDF](14.69 KB)