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    Madhulika S Choudhary
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    18,green space hill park, manikonda,hyderabad,telangana


lake Restoration & Biodiversity conservation


Lakes are not only natural heritages or just waterbody,its actually a wholesome of biodiversity.Protect one lake & one can build lung space,kidney space,green space,biodiversity conservation ,stop global warming,create wetlands & perfect climate action.I started with protection of one lake but in the process of saving many lakes with community initiatives,innovative ideas,awareness campaigns & scientific projects.Working on lake means fighting with land mafias,water mafias,sand mafias,reptile poachers,garbage dumping,sewage dumping,carcass dumping,cultural siltation & lots of absurdity.Lakes teach us about Mother Nature.Constant restoration,maintenance,monitoring,conservation must be taken care .turtles are heavily poached from lakes. I fought many times to protect them.Now my lakes have become epicentre of turtle conservation.

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