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    Bhanu Shakya
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    LIG 20, pocket 3, sector 2 Rohini Delhi


Let’s grow some highly dense greenery.


Respected Sir, I am citizen of Rohini, delhi. Since, the age of 4 years to found that i have something special in me for plants. I used to planted so many types of plants near my home. I planted some mango trees and now they are blooming with the mangoes. As i grown, i found that the love for nature, specially for trees also increased. So i start to invest my energy in an abandon park which was full of dryness, garbage and construction material. Initially, i start my journey from removing all the plastic, broken glass pieaces and concrete stuff from the soil, then i managed to clean a part of park and make it suitable for plantation. I used to provide water daily from my house as till date there is no water supply. As time passed i cleaned the whole park with the help of my father and some neighbors. Today this park has so many plants and big trees. However i feel that i can make this park as well as so many parks more beautiful and green, if authority or govt provide some support to us....as i have found the biggest issue is water, boundary wall and illegal encroachment.   I hope one day we will be the greenest country of the world.

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