Schedule 10

[See Rule 18(5)]
(Format for maintaining records of hazardous chemicals imported)

1. Name and address of the Importer:

2. Date and reference number of issuance of permission to import hazardous chemicals:

3. Description of hazardous chemicals:

    1. (a) Physical form:

(b) Chemical form:
(c) Total volume and weight (in kilogrammes/tonnes)

4. Description of purpose of import:

5. Description of storage of hazardous chemicals:

    1. (a) Date:

(b) Method of storage:

Published in the Gazette No. 787 dt. 27-11-89.

All corrections made in terms of corrigendum No. S.O. 115(E) dt. 5-2-90 published in the Gazette No. 59 dt. 5-2-90.

Dr. C. SUNDARAM, Jt. Secy.