Schedule 4

(See rule 2(h) (i)]

1. Installations for the production, processing or treatment of organic or inorganic chemicals using for this purpose, among others:

(a) alkylation

(b) Amination by ammonolysis

(c) carbonylatin

(d) condensation

(e) dehydrogenation

(f) esterfication

(g) halogenation and manufacture of halogens

(h) hydrogenation

(i) hydrolysis

(j) Oxidation

(k) polymerization

(l) sulphonation

(m) desulphurization, manufacture and transformation of sulphur-containing compounds

(n) nitration and manufacture of nitrogen-containing compounds

(o) manufacture of phosphorons-containing compounds

(p) formulation of pesticides and of pharmaceutical products

(q) distillation

(r) extraction

(s) solvation

(t) mixing

2. Installations for distillation, refining or other processing of petroleum or petroleum products.

3. Installations for the total or partial disposal of solid or liquid substances by incineration or chemical decomposition.

4. Installations for production, processing or treatment of energy gases, for example, LPG, LNG, SNG.

5. Installations for the dry distillation of coal or lignite.

6. Installations for the production of metals or non-metals by a wet process or by means of electrical energy.