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Pollution free electrical paper dryer for paper mill


  • Indian paper industry is running on coal fired boiler's & steam heated dryers, I have made prototype of electrical dryer successfully running on very low electrical power, there no emission of gas no need of water ( for boiler) it also reduce the production cost of paper. We need government support for technology development and commercial production of the dryer. We are working on this issue from last 5 years in India there is demand of 25 million tonnes paper/year for that about 9 million tonnes coal using, which cause's about 32 million tonnes Carbon emission/ year & lots of litters water/ year. We can save this all things with the help of this electrical dryer. Cost of drying paper on steam dryer is about 2980 rs./ ton,where electrical dry will run on only 200 rs./ ton of the paper, so it will be good for consumers & manufacturer .we need land & financial support from our government. Thank you . contact no- 9860048581, email- amoldadaohal@gmail.com

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