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Notification for correct method of submission of proposals under programmeSeminar/Symposia/Conference/Workshop programme of Environment Education Division:

Environment Education Division of Ministry does not invite proposals directly  to Ministry. In Every financial year proposals for organising Seminar/Symposia/Conference/workshop are invited through a time bound open advertisement, whenever it is issued in leading Newspapers of the country, wherein proponents need to submit their proposals to the Centre of Excellence  as per its area of jurisdiction.  Other details may be seen in the guidelines present at Guideline link under programme Seminar/symposia/conference workshop.

Objectives of assistance :

The objective of the programme on “Seminars / Symposia / Workshops / Conferences” is  to  provide  a  forum  to  professionals,  scientists,  environmentalists,  other  groups  of  the society  to  share  knowledge  and  experience  on  various  aspects  of  environment.  Under  this programme,  financial  assistance  is  provided  to  universities,  academic  institutions/  colleges, non-governmental  organisations,  Government  Departments  etc. to  create  mass environment  awareness   for  organisation  of  Seminars  /  Symposia  /  Workshops  / Conferences  on  identified  thrust  areas  related  to  environment  or  any  emerging  area impinging on technology, innovation in regard to environment.

Quantum of assistance:

Financial  assistance  is  only  for  organizational  expenses  (excluding  hospitality)  of  the proposed  event  and  not  for  capital  items  like  construction,  equipment,  automation  etc.

Following are the stipulated amounts for various categories of events:

Category                               Amount

1.  State level event                         A maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/-

2.  National level event                   A maximum of Rs. 3,00,000/-

3.  International level event            A maximum of Rs. 5,00,000/-

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