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    Dr. Avinash K. Kondalkar
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    M-260/261, Madhav Nagar, Gwalior- 474007, M.P.


Spread seeds to enrich Biodiversity


We (wife Sapna and daughters Aditi & Anvi) collect seeds of fruits and vegetables after consumption and dry. Round them into small balls with soil and dry. My daughters named them as "Seed Bombs". When ever we go for outing, bring them along with and spread using slingshots. It was started from forests on the way from Bhopal, M.P. to native town Wardha, MH. It is really great to see plants and trees growing and fruiting by our efforts. Now, involving my daughters to collect seeds of flowers for same purpose. We also sculpt "Mitti Ganesh" at home for "Ganeshotsava" with dried seeds inside. This is the way, i am trying to enrich biodiversity and to make my kids aware and sensible for environment.

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