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    43, Saratpally Garia Kolkata 700084 West Bengal India


The Community Forest


We are Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage, working to improve the lives of rural people in West Bengal. We are working to foster the socio-economical structures by using different livelihood generating methods. We have already done several capacity-building activities with the self-help group run by local women and also we have established many rural startups. In addition, our core team members are now focusing on the disaster management plan and restore biodiversity in the areas of Sundarbans. We have experience to work at forest fringe villages in Sundarbans since 2016.   This year to restore the biosphere of Sundarbans we shaped 14 community led nurseries to cultivate 4,00,000 mangrove saplings at Hingalgunj and Gosaba block under the brand name of “The Community Forest” involving local community and underprivileged women from Self Help Groups.   Detailed information is placed below for your review:  

  1. No of Saplings: 4,00,000 (4 Lakhs per year)
  2. Age of Saplings: 3 months (average)
  3. Height of Saplings: 8 inch (average)
  4. Estimated Plantation Date: 16th October 2020
  5. Local Beneficiaries Involved: 3,560
  6. Areas Blocks: Hingalgunj | Gosaba
  Local Panchayat Departments (Gosaba and Gobindakathi Gram Panchayat) have already approved approx 40 acres forest fringe land to build the forestry.     Species of Mangroves:   Ban, Sundari, Garjan, Dhudul, Kewra, Poshu, Goran, Geoa and Kewra.   After the initial success we have plans to scale up the project involving more forest fringe villagers.         After measuring all the budget parameters we set Rs. 50/- per saplings (as adoption cost).

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