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Plant Tree, Live Tension Free


Success Story: Team SAFE

Campaign on “Plant Tree, Live Tension Free”

Initiators: Dr. Arvind Kumar, Ar. Anjan Patra, Mr. Ravikant Dubey



SAFE is a non-profit independent voluntary group established on the concept “Sustainable Approach For Environment” to promote development of sustainable environment. This group led by Dr. Arvind (Biotechnologist), Ar. Anjan (Architect) & Mr. Ravikant (Environmentalist). Although we are from different educational background but our common mission and vision i.e. application of sustainable approach for saving our nature and environment bring us on one platform. Sustainable approach not only reduces the use of resources but also improves the environmental quality by establishing an equilibrium in between natural resources and ecosystem.


  1. To create pollution free & sustainable future.
  2. To promote co-existence of living being.


  1. To aware people towards healthy environment.
  2. To support the community for better surrounding.
  3. To ensure better Environmental quality including air, water & soil.
  4. To promote young-mind to shape better tomorrow through various activity.
  5. To promote adoption of eco-friendly living.

Our Projects/Activities

We involved in various environment friendly activities that foster improvement in environment quality & sustainable development.

Our recent initiative

With the theme “Plant Tree, Live Tension Free”, we had taken an initiative of tree plantation campaign on 5th June 2020 as a part of celebration World Environment Day.

Due to COVID-19 our foots were restricted to move outside altogether, hence it was impossible to motivate and boost people physically for tree plantation. Lockdown limited people's movement but open everyone’s eyes to rethink about environment. In lockdown situation, internet and social media come out as powerful tool for communication. By using social media platform in positive manner, we have circulated our message. For inspiration to plantation, we created attractive appreciation certificate for their own plantation work on occasion of WED2020.

It was totally new idea and we were just hopeful of getting few responses. Instead of this, we got overwhelming public responses. We got overwhelming public responses not only from India but also from abroad. People appreciated us and shown a great support and dedication in our plantation campaign.

Among all participants, there were 24% female and 12% children from various corner of our globe. This determines successes in this campaign. 

Therefore, we are very delighted to share our success story with the people to motivate for such future events. We had also been morally boosted with such tremendous responses. 

Also, we are sharing few comments from our participants:

  1. “I am enclosing pictures of my elderly mother, Smt. Indra Priyadarshini, age 74, who has been growing the plants and taking care of them on her own.  She has not hired any gardener and does all the work herself. The picture shows plants grown by her, and also the new saplings she has planted on June 5th environment day. It will be kind of you if you could cover this matter and also issue her the appreciation certificate, she will be very happy.” …………. Mr. Naresh Priyadarshini
  2. “The campaign is too good. I really liked the concept on this worlds day ..it really felt great to see the people planting trees.”………Ms. Nikita Singh
  3. “I like all things in event but I request you to host it twice a year. And engage many peoples as you can. Thank you” ………. Ms. Gunjan Parihar

If you find our activity innovative, kindly support us and mail us to contact2safe@gmail.com


Thank you



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