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Sun flower : A seed of prosperity


Once I saw a sunflower at the age of 13-14 years old I attracted towards it magically, really it was a nice moment for me which I never forget.

With the time grown up but I had  been thinking about the Environment Ecology, climate change ,Global warming, Biodiversity etc. for a long time as I used to listen from high school to degree college. Since I live in Patna city so I realize the adverse effect on Environment, Birds, Butter fly Honeybee, and other organism is not seen normally due to urbanization and unscientific development model.

So I thought that I should do something by which we can conserve and protect the environment and the living things and greenery too. So I decided to plant some sunflower in the middle of Feb. 2019 last year. I bought some sunflower seed and sow in the small piece of land, with the time it developed and finally bloomed with pleasant yellow color.

These plants were 45-50 in number and what to say about this beauty and its movement (East to west direction) along with sun really it was amazing.

But there was a most important thing is that dozens of Parrots begins to come on sunflower they come to eat sunflowers seed , not only Parrot but also Honey bee, Butterfly , other Insects, many Black bees come and gives a beautiful view.

I did this aging in this year 2020 (Corona virus Epidemic situation) Parrots, Bees, Black-Bee, Butterfly, Etc. again came like last year. By this way I knew that when we give a favorable condition in nature those thing come to us and it’s a natural law. Now I aware the other people to do this on the roof in clay pot, waste plastic bottles or small piece of land.

Creation and destruction is in our hand I took this great lesson from this initiative thereby I feel happy and more compassionate.

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