Forest Survey of India

Forest Survey of India

Forest Survey of India (FSI) is a premium national organisation under the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India responsible for e is to conduct survey and assessment of forest resources in the country. ​

Forest Survey of India (FSI) is an organization under Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India responsible for assessment and monitoring of forest resources of the country regularly. In addition it is also engaged in providing the services of Training, research and extension. Established on June 1, 1981, the Forest Survey of India succeeded the “Preinvestment survey of Forest resources (PISFR), a project initiated in 1965 by Government of India with the help of UNDP and FAO.

The important activities of Forest Survey of India includes nation wide forest cover mapping in biennial cycle using remote sensing techniques, Nation forest inventory, forest fire monitoring and many projects based on geo spatial techniques and inventory. FSI also assesses forest carbon to be reported to UNFCC.

FSI has 4 regional offices namely.

  1. Central Zone, Nagpur
  2. Southern Zone, Bengaluru
  3. Eastern Zone, Kolkatta
  4. Northern Zone,Shimla.

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