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Introduction on the Environment Research and Development Programme (ERDP) of RE Division

The Environment Research and Development Programme is a Program under the revamped Scheme “Environment Education, Awareness, Research and Skill Development” which was erstwhile known as “Decision Support System for Environmental Awareness, Policy, Planning and Outcome Evaluation”. Under the new revamped Programme, the main objective would be to promote Environmental Research on critical areas/gaps, as identified by the Ministry, through reputed institutions, Government funded Institutions and professional organizations (including NGOs) along with the existing thematic areas of R&D Scheme. This would facilitate decision making for policy and planning of the Ministry’s programmes and activities.

The earlier Guidelines (2017-20) of the R&D Scheme for Conservation and Development have been revised as per the revamped ERDP. The R&D Scheme for Conservation and Development has been renamed as Environmental Research and Development Program(ERDP) functioning from 2021-22.

The ERDP is open to all institutions in the country with expertise in identified thematic areas to undertake specific projects on specific areas of concern and priority and/or urgency of the Ministry in meeting Ministry’s objectives of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources. Institutions availing such funding under the Scheme will be provided a grant for the project duration.

The Environmental Research and Development Program is an important Decision Support System for Policy and Planning of the Ministry’s programmes and activities incorporating the key objectives for addressing environmental problems and measures for conservation and protection of environment by building indigenous capacities and strengthen manpower in multi-disciplinary aspects and new and emerging areas of environment and ecology, generating information for taking policy decisions, preparedness and basis for international negotiations, supporting basic and applied research in environment, ecology and related fields, and to facilitate database management on Research projects undertaken under the Scheme on relevant thematic areas of the Ministry. The major thematic areas for funding are:

  • Bio-diversity conservation (including Alien and invasive species, Human-wildlife Interface),
  • Ecosystems Conservation & Management (Mountain, Forest, Coastal, Wetlands, Pastoral, etc) and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services,
  • Socio-economic issues of environment and sustainable development
  • Conservation and Management of Landscapes and Ecologically sensitive areas including issues of sustainable livelihoods,
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Natural Resource Management using remote sensing data,
  • Climate Change: Vulnerability & Risk Assessment, Process, Mitigation and Adaptation,
  • Pollution Prevention – Clean Technologies and Processes, Cleaner production Management of wastes, Environmental health,
  • Use of Remote sensing and geo-spatial technology for inventorisation, assessment and monitoring of country’s natural resources such as land, water, forests, wetlands, glaciers, etc, for environmental conservation and protection
  • Taxonomy

The total outlay for FYs 2021 To 2026 for the Scheme on Environmental Research and Development Programme is ₹ 26.41 crores.

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