General Coordination

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General Coordination

Coordination with Division

Coordination with Division

    1. Items of Work Handled
    2. Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) Matters
    3. Preparation & Monitoring of the Results Framework Document (RFD) and Five Year Strategic Plan of the Ministry.
    4. Departmental Council meetings – organisation, preparation of Agenda & the minutes of the meeting.
    5. Recognition of Service Associations- of the Ministry & Circulation of Rules & Regulations received from Dept. of Personnel & Training (DoPT).

  1. Response to other Ministries regarding nominations for various awards.
Co-ordination of

  1. Circulation of References received from Cabinet Secretariat relating to composition of various Cabinet Committee assumptions and relinquishment of charge by various Ministers etc.
  2. Circulation of orders/instructions of general nature received from other Ministries in the Ministry and in its attached /subordinate offices and autonomous organizations.
Other Miscellaneous Matters

  1. Furnishing of information to Cabinet Secretariat regarding major development during PM’s tour abroad.
  2. Preparation of monthly DO letter from Secretary (E&F) to Cabinet Secretary.
  3. Appointment of Nodal officers for dealing with receipts from various Central Govt. Departments/Ministries.
  4. Furnishing of comments of draft cabinet note of general nature received from other Ministries on the subject not assigned to any other Division.
  5. Observance of important days/weeks (Anti Terrorism Day, Sadhbhavana Diwas, Forest Martyrs Day, Qaumi Ekta Week, National Foundation for Communal Harmony, Armed Forces Flag Day etc.)
  6. Submission of information to Department of Administrative Reforms on the subject of personnel matters, creation/abolition of posts, Voluntary Retirement Scheme, delay in holding DPC etc.
  7. Collection of funds for providing relief to the people affected by natural calamities in the country.
  8. Providing logistic support to Audit Party deputed to inspect the record of Ministry (Proper)
  9. Welfare Activities like condolence meetings, farewell parties etc.
  10. Appointment of Chairman, Member Secretary & other member on the Departmental Canteen Management Committee.
  11. Matters relating to Recreation Club.
  12. Duties attached with the Welfare Officer.

Periodical Report and Returns on the following subjects

Monthly Returns

  1. Implementation of orders of ACC to Cabinet Secretariat.
RTI Cell

Items of Work Handled

  1. Receipt of application through Post/ IFC Counter.
  2. Diarise the RTI application and sent them to concerned officers for taking necessary action.
  3. Remove the IPOs/DDs take necessary action to an cash and deposit the amount in the Ministry Account.
  4. Deal with RTI applications which are of general nature not pertaining to only officer/section/division in the Ministry.
  5. Collect information for Annual RTI return from various sections/divisions in the Ministry and also from organisations/offices under Ministry and send the return to CIC by the due date.
  6. Any other matter pertaining to RTI Act with which a particular division/section in the Ministry is not concerned.
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