Items of Work Handled

Items of Work Handled

Brochure on Items of Work Handled in Various Divisions and Sections of Ministry of Environment and Forests

June 2003

Budget and Accounts Section (B&A)

  1. Scrutiny of Budget Proposals (Both Plan as well as Non-Plan).
  2. Preparation of statement of Budget Estimates Depicting Revised Estimates (Plan as well as Non Plan) for current year and Budget Estimates (Non-Plan only) for the next financial year.
  3. As a follow-up to receipt of Plan figures from the Planning Commission preparation of statement of final Budget Estimates showing RE (Plan and Non-plan) for current year and BE(Plan & Non-Plan) for next financial year.
  4. Interaction with PC Division regarding Plan Budget.
  5. Scrutiny of proposals for inclusion in batch-I.II and III of the Supplementary Demand for Grants.
  6. Preparation and subsequent follow-up action on the Supplementary Demands for
  7. Grants of the Ministry of Environment & Forests.
  8. Processing of re-appropriation proposals within the Powers of Ministry.
  9. Processing of re-appropriation proposals beyond the Powers of Ministry.
  10. Preparation and printing of Demands for Grants.
  11. Submission of Action Taken Notes (ATNs) on Comptroller & Auditor Generals (CAGs) paras/ Drafts Audit paras to Audit/ Monitoring Cell of the Ministry of Finance/ Public Accounts Committee(PAC.)
  12. Scrutiny and allocation of funds under loans to Government Servants.
  13. Issue of corrigendum to the Detailed Demand for Grants etc with the approval of Controller General of Accounts CGA/ Ministry of Finance and other misc. Budget related matters.

Cash Section

  1. Drawl of Bills of Pay & Allowances, D.A.& Bonus.
  2. Preparation of medical and tuition fee claims after receipt of sanctions.
  3. Preparation of T.A.& L.T.C. claims of officials & non-officials members, Non-Government Organisations (N.G.O.s) and carrying out their adjustments.
  4. Drawl of Bills of Long Term & Short Term advances (Festival, Cycle, Fan, House Building Advance (H.B.A )., Motor Car Advance (MCA) & Scooter).
  5. Assessment of Income-Tax of officers of the Ministry (Proper) and submission of Income-Tax Return to I.T.O..
  6. Preparation of Overtime Allowance (O.T.A ). Bills and Conveyance Bills, Night Duty Allowances.
  7. Preparation of contingent bills.
  8. Maintenance and updating of General Provident Fund (G.P.F.) accounts.
  9. Preparation of bills of G.P.F. Advance, withdrawal of the staff.
  10. Taking out periodical expenditure statement.
  11. Submission of bills to the Pay & Accounts Office (P.A.O).
  12. Preparation of bills relating to Grants-in-aid etc.
  13. Disbursement of salary and other Allowances.
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