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Environment Protection

The Environment (Protection) Act was enacted in 1986 with the objective of providing for the protection and improvement of the environment. It empowers the Central Government to establish authorities [under section 3(3)] charged with the mandate of preventing environmental pollution in all its forms and to tackle specific environmental problems that are peculiar to different parts of the country. The Act was last amended in 1991..


S.No Title
1. No.29 of 1986, [23/5/1986] – The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, amended 1991PDF (6.05 MB)


S.No Title
1. S.O.844(E), [19/11/1986] – The Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986 PDF (120.67 KB)

The power conferred by the Environment Protection Act are followed under the following heads:

S.No Title
Amendments to Principal Rules
Coastal Regulation Zone
Delegation of Powers
Eco-Marks Scheme
Eco-Sensitive Zone
Environmental Clearance – General
Environmental Labs
Environmental Standards
Hazardous Substances Management
Loss Of Ecology
Noise Pollution
Ozone Layer Depletion
Water Pollution
2-T Oil
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